How To Make A Knot Pillow. Best 4-Step Guide

If you’re curious about how to make a knot pillow, you’ll be pleased that it only takes four steps. Why not step up your couch or bed by adding this unique pillow? Besides Euro pillows, the knot pillow is a trend that will surely make any space look artsy. 

What is a knot pillow, you ask? This guide will teach you how to turn your average throw pillow into something that’s beyond a decorative piece. It’s a knot that will surely make you say, why not?

How To Make A Knot Pillow


How To Make A Knot Pillow For Beginners


Step #1. Design

Seeing a knot pillow, you may think it’s complicated to make. However, preparing and designing the materials beforehand will make it a quick and easy project. Start by cutting two strips of fabric and fold each of them in half. 

Pin both layers together so that you’ll end up with a sleeve. You should be ready to sew either by hand or with a sewing machine. A zigzag stitch is ideal for this project, but you can also make a knit stitch.


Step #2. Sew

Allocate ⅜ inches of seam allowance and sew the fabric’s full length and short side. This way, you have one end closed. As mentioned earlier, a zigzag stitch is best for this project to make stuffing easier. 

Once you’re happy with the quality of your stitches, you can pull the sleeve’s other end out. Fold it back onto a cardboard tube with its right side out. The cardboard tube will help you fill the pillow snugly, so be sure to gather the fabric sleeve onto one end entirely. 


Step #3. Stuff

You can start stuffing your pillow at the other end with polyester fiber-fill, Be sure that you’re pushing each piece to the far end, so you end up with even filling throughout the fabric sleeve. Finally, tie the sleeve with a knot once done with stuffing. 

If you like, sew the open end instead of making a knot. You can finish the pillow at this point whichever way you like since the knotting later will hide both ends. You can then find various knot patterns online for the sailor knot and follow them for knotting the pillow. 


Step #4. Knot

Knot one sleeve first and then use the second fabric sleeve to follow it. You can do this by merely tucking the second sleeve under and over your first know pillow so that the sleeves are parallel to each other. This is the secret to the shape and size of this decorative pillow. 

Once finished, adjust the two sleeves to tighten your knot pillow. You’ll end up with four loose ends, so be sure to hide them at the back for a neat look. Tuck them onto the knot pillow, and you’re done!


What Is A Knot Pillow?

From the name itself, a knot pillow is a throw pillow that you tie to form a knot. The unique style makes a great focal point in the room or any space. What’s excellent with this knotted tube pillow is you can still use it as a cushion or support when you’re lounging on the couch. 


How To Make A Knot Pillow Cover

Another variation of the knot pillow is using a cover with a knot style. This project is excellent for those who want to change their pillow design now and then. You’ll be using a pillow form instead of stuffing a liner. 


Step #1. Position

Prepare your fabric and cut it so that you have a piece that is three times the size of your pillow. If you’re unsure of the dimensions, measure your pillow’s height and width and multiply each of them to three. Then, lay the fabric with the wrong side up and place your pillow form in the center. 


Step #2. Fold

Fold the top edge of the fabric over the pillow form and do the same with the bottom edge. Next, get the left and right sides of the fabric and fold each into a point. You do this by folding the top and bottom fabric edge towards the center to create a triangular shape. 


Step #3. Tie

Now that you have two pointed shapes at the left and right sides of the fabric, fold them onto each other. Tie the ends into a square knot, hence the name, knot pillow cover. Finally, tuck the loose ends under the knot or make a second knot for security and added detail.



A knot pillow is not only an excellent conversation piece but also an eye-catching decorative pillow. And best of all, anyone can learn how to make a knot pillow easily! You’ll simply start by sewing two fabric sleeves and stuff them with polyester fiber-fill. 

Once done, finish the tubes and make a sailor knot with one of them. Tuck the second sleeve onto the knot and follow it so that both sleeves run parallel to each other. Hide the loose ends at the pillow’s back, and there you have it!

You can also make a knot pillow cover. With this project, you’ll place a pillow form over a fabric piece and then tie both ends to form a square knot. This design makes switching of pillow covers easy, and the resulting knot is also stylish.