How to Make a Hot Tub Booster Seat

In this guide, we will discuss How to make a hot tub booster seat. The steps are easy and simple to follow.

What You Need for this Project: Pipe Fitting (we used a T) & PVC Pipe – your local hardware store should have both items. We will explain what you need to know about each item in the steps below.

How to make a hot tub booster seat

Tools Required – If you are familiar with basic tools, you should be fine making one of these hot tub booster seats.

Drill and saws can make some parts easier but they definitely aren’t necessary! A heavy duty stapler is preferred when possible; we had medium weight ones that worked okay too.


Step 1. First you need to measure and cut your PVC pipe.

Then, drill holes in the top of one side at each end for later use with a T-fitting (or whatever type of fitting/opening you will be using). Measure and mark two spots on either side near the bottom of what is now your long strip. Drill holes here too so that they line up directly across from each other when we attach them together.

This helps keep it strong! Now screw or staple one part of your T onto one end where there was no hole before (the fitted opening should face down toward the ground) At this, add water into the tub.

If you have a skimmer opening, this is where it will go! Otherwise attach your hose to run water into the tub through the bottom of your T fitting.

Step 2. Next, measure and cut two pieces of PVC pipe that are each about 12 inches long (or however tall you want them, just be sure they fit in with what you are attaching on top).

Step 3. Drill holes at one end for later use with another t-fitting or whatever type of fitting/opening you will be using (again it should face down toward the ground). Put these new pieces inside the other part of your first T fitting so they line up directly across from each other when we attach them together too.

This ensures strength as well! Now drill some more holes matching those on the other two pieces of PVC pipe you just cut. These holes need to be near where your butt will go, and it is important that they line up directly across from each other when we attach them together! This helps keep things strong while also giving you a comfy place for your backside!

Step 4. Now screw or staple one part of your T fitting onto this end too (the fitted opening should face down toward the ground). At this point you can add water into the tub again if necessary using either an attached hose leading into it or through another skimmer hole in between both sets of tubing.

If everything works okay so far, great job!! Now drill some more small holes at top ends of all four pieces of piping where they meet/line up.

This will help keep things together and strong while you’re using it without causing too much stress on your PVC joints (you could add glue here if you like but we didn’t).

Step 5. Attach the other part of your T fitting to both ends Now attach a hose leading out from between all four pieces of piping.


How do you take apart a Graco Nautilus car seat?

First, check the owner’s manual to find out whether or not you can safely disassemble your car seat. You should also read any warnings included with the instructions for proper safety precautions.

If it is allowed and safe to do so, then begin by uninstalling any attached toys that are hanging on the straps of your Graco Nautilus Car Seat. Doing this will help protect them during removal of their harnesses which could damage these items if they fall off while you are trying to remove them from either side.

Next, unbuckle all five of the harness belts one at a time starting with belt closest to baby’s feet first followed by each successive section moving towards baby’s head (see diagram above).

Unbuckling each section is important since it will help you with the next step of identifying which harnesses need to be adjusted.

Now that all five belt sections are completely un-buckled, go ahead and gently remove the car seat base from your vehicle by pulling up on both handles located at front bottom of Graco Nautilus Car Seat base while tilting forward slightly until it comes loose from its connection points in your vehicle.

Be sure not to pull too hard or tilt too far forward though as this could cause damage to either your car seat itself or leave some marks on surfaces inside of your vehicle.

Once removed, reinsert into opposite side that baby rides facing during trips for easy access when removing restraints again later (see diagram below).

Once the base has been completely uninstalled, go ahead and turn it over to its underside. You’ll find that there are two sets of latches on either side (four total) located at about mid-point of where you can best see your baby’s head when riding in the car seat.

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