How To Make A Homemade Fan Bed? 4 Easy Steps!

How to make a homemade fan bed? Does it now feel like summertime inside your house because of the heat that you are feeling?

If yes, then let me help you with how you can effectively make a homemade fan bed for your sleep to be peaceful while beating the sun’s heat.

How to make a homemade fan bed

And a cool pillow is what you’d need.

Because of the technology right now, many people have created a new era where electronics have taken over.

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Due to its discovery, many people are inventing new products daily and releasing them for sale to earn money that they can use to spend on another project.

Just like a fan bed, for example, it was developed in the early 2000s and made available shortly after you made it.

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You can benefit from bed fans because they remove the heat generated from your body then get trapped inside your mattress or sheets.


Steps To Make A Homemade Fan Bed

During warmer days like summer, fan beds are essential because they remove the heat from your body and replace it with a cool, comfortable sensation.

However, due to the current situation in which we all find ourselves, not everyone has the financial means to buy new items at a specific moment if they are required.

As a result, individuals consider how they may obtain the same product quality at a lower cost and more efficiently without investing much money.

Nowadays, there are various bed fans that people can get at a low price though you cannot ensure it is worth it.

Instead, some people opt of making one by just using simple materials that can do the job of a fan bed but better.

Because they are situated on the end of the bed and focus the bottom half of your body traveling to the top, fan beds are quite helpful when you need to cool down.

They then trap the heat onto your mattress, sheets, and comforter to reduce heat and avoid it coming in contact with your body.

Now below, we have found an alternative that works for people who are on a tight budget.

You can follow these steps on how to make a homemade fan bed:


Step #1. Gathering all of the needed materials

Before making one, you’ll have to make sure that you have all of the needed materials for making the bed fan later on.

It doesn’t require you to spend a specific amount of money; instead, you can use the materials you can find in your house if you have them.

Now for the things needed, we listed it all below for you to know how you can make a homemade fan bed:

  • Styro foam
  • Drain pipes with the elbow
  • Keyhole saw or a razor blade
  • Fan

Once you have all of the required stuff to do this project, it is now time that we move on to the next step.


Step #2. Making a hole for the fan

Now that you have gathered all the materials needed place your styrofoam’s cover upside down and lay the fan’s head onto the cover.

After that, please put it on the other end of the storage box.

Then make a mark following the shape of the fan so that it will fit when put on the box.

Remember that you want to ensure that it is snugged to get good air pressure and flow when cutting the holes.

Remove the fan and take your keyhole saw to begin cutting the notch once you’ve noted and established a blueprint of where to follow the areas that need to be cut.

Slowly poke the saw in to avoid any damages to the box.

Then start cutting in a circular motion following the outline that you made.

After this, you can now place your fan on the hole to check if it snugs in nicely.

Then, you can widen the hole more if needed for the fan to fit in.


Step #3. Making a hole for the exhaust pipes

What you want to do when making this is similar to how you made the hole for the fan.

Firstly, turn the cover upside down once again and then get the pipe and place it on the opposite side of the fan slot so that you have a reference.

Now make a mark and then grab your saw once more and repeat the process for step number two.

The pipes should have a cut at their corners so that the wind produced will bump into the hole and flow outside freely.


Step #4. Assembly

Once you are finished cutting everything for the bed fan, place the fan and the pipe to their designated holes and ensure that they are nicely placed in the box.

The pipe should be facing at the other end, where you’ll see the fan to place it so that the air will be thoroughly distributed when being used.



Now that you have your very own DIY bed fan, use it according to your liking.

Well, we can ensure that they are bill-friendly while providing the cool you need to beat the heat.

And that is all for “How to make a homemade fan bed?”

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