How To Make A Hard Mattress Soft? 5 Best Options For You!

Are you wondering how to make a hard mattress soft? You’re in the right place; eventually, you will learn five options.

No one would want to sleep on a mattress that is too hard and stiff, like a cement block.

how to make a hard mattress soft

Some people get concerned by a stiff mattress which causes them to get often irritated when sleeping.

You bought a mattress to make yourself feel good, and that’s how you reward yourself for working hard.

But then a hard mattress would not make you feel like you did great. You will have a hard time sleeping.

In an instance, you can always think of a way on how to make it softer. You have to be innovative.

Don’t just give up on your mattress. You can still do something for it to be more comfortable for you.


Options To Make A Hard Mattress Soft

As someone who works and studies hard, you will need to rest at the end of the day.

You need to know how to make a hard mattress soft for you to overcome specific issues.

Having a hard mattress will cause you trouble in your sleep and give you off the pain.

These problems need to be solved in no time, or else you will have it as your worst nightmare.

You would not want that to happen.

I have here a few steps for you to follow.

It can help you to have a comfortable sleep by making your mattress soft.


Option #1. Do a foundation check

It is essential to know why your mattress seems hard or firm. It would help if you thought of checking its foundation first.

When you have switched a mattress with an inner box spring to a memory foam mattress that will be a problem.

Box springs are made for mattresses with innerspring in them, which is stated in its name, to make things simpler.

Always remember this general rule, a box spring works best with inner springs mattresses you have to consider.

You have to think of alternatives if you have a memory foam mattress because it has a different structure.

Platforms are one thing you have to consider when you are aiming for a comfortable mattress.


Option #2. Walk over to your bed

Breaking in a new mattress could make it soft. You can sleep on it as an option, but this one is just way better.

If you want to lay down and sleep on it as soon as possible that it is already soft, then do this one.

Walk over your mattress, but of course, your feet should be clean, and it is better if your bed has a bag or cover.

It would be best to remember that your mattress gets no damages or any turning off issues after you do this.

Be very careful and mindful of the cleanliness and condition of your mattress because that is also important.

This one is quite a wise option for you because walking over it for a few minutes every day can make it soft in no time.

But then if you would want it to be a soft faster walk on it for a long duration of time. That’s better than waiting, I guess.

You can refer to this in thinking of breaking in your mattress correctly and being sure of what you are doing.


Option #3. Add in a mattress topper

This one is also one easy way to solve your problem just if you want it to be less complex.

By adding a mattress topper to your mattress, you can have a very comfortable and soft sleeping place.

You can check this for accurate information on how you should put up your mattress topper.

It has many variants and styles you can choose what you prefer, but I would recommend the egg crate mattress topper.

One good thing I like about it is the material and its design. It is so relaxing, and it is extra suitable for your body.


Option #4. Flip and rotate

The next thing you can do is to look at your mattress if it is flippable. And if it has the same shape on both sides.

If it is, then that is a good thing. If it is not then, we can still do something about it. Let me tell you how.

In the sense that the mattress is unflappable, you can rotate it, sending the head part at the side where your feet were located before.

Make sure to change your beddings. It might smell like feet, and you are going to smell it when you rotate it.

But then, if you are flipping the mattress, you will need a helping hand actually for both options, most especially when your bed is heavy.

Best regards to your mattress, which is more comfortable, but it is still the same mattress you had before.

Sometimes, our mattress gets soggy on one side due to usage, which affects it over time.


Option #5. Adjust the temperature

Some mattresses react to temperature, most especially your memory foam mattress.

When you set your room temperature into a warmer one, it can help you out.



That’s it. We are now done, and we answered your questions “How to make a hard mattress soft?”

I hope you find the best option and solution for you.