How To Make A Hairdryer? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you are looking for the answer to how to make a hairdryer because you want to make everything with your hands? You can make a hairdryer at home with the help of simple materials. This activity will provide you with some quality time and a sense of achievement. 

No problem if you don’t have any hairdryer at home or you cannot afford one, with these simple steps you can easily make one for yourself.

how to make a hairdryer

The homemade hairdryer is more suitable for girls than boys because they have gotten long hair. But if you are a girl with short hair, the hairdryer will easily make your hair moisture-free. So without further ado, let’s get started!


What Do You Need To Make A Hairdryer At Home?

Here are the things that you may need:

  • An empty cylindrical shaped bottle with a narrow mouth/diameter
  • A flat-rectangular shaped bottle with a cap
  • A big size cap of spray paint or an empty tape disc
  • Black plumbing tape
  • Metal or plastic net


Here are the materials:

  • A 9-volt motor with a fan
  • 30 AWG Nichrome wire
  • Wires of two colors
  • DC adaptor


Here are the tools:

  • Connector screwdriver
  • Drill machine
  • Cutter
  • Hot glue gun


Steps To Make A Hairdryer

We know that you’re a curious and creative soul wanna know the answer to how to make a hairdryer. That’s why we have listed a simple and problematic guide to satisfy your cravings for being productive.


Step #1. Prepare the body

Take the cylindrical bottle and cut its bottom part with the help of a cutter. This bottle will serve as the main body of the hairdryer. Then take a cap of spray paint and cut its top part. Cut the disc-shaped cap from the center and measure the diameter of the cylindrical bottle. Connect both parts with the plumbing tape and make sure that the diameter of the disc is at least s1 inch less than the main body of the hairdryer. Because this disc will act as the heating and you also have to attach wires with it. You can use an empty tape disc in place of the cap if its size is corresponding to the cylindrical bottle.


Step #2. Connect the heating element disc

It’s time to drill two parallel holes on the heating element disc. Pass the two different colored wires from the holes and glue them with the outer side of the disc. Take your 30 AWG Nichrome wire and roll it around the pencil or pen to shape it like a spring. Then connect each side of the spring with each wire and then put your hair dryer’s heating element inside the main body. Are you all done with the heating? Drill a hole on the left side of the cylindrical bottle and pass both wires out of it. 


Step # 3. Attach the motor inside the main body

You must have bought a 9-volt motor with the fan on it. If you didn’t find a motor with a fan, try using a fan from any v\broken toy of your younger siblings. Otherwise, a small fan is easily available in every hardware store. Connect two dissimilar colored wires with each motor terminal. Also, attach a small wooden piece on one side of the motor. Remember we passed heating element wires from a hole on the main body. Also, pass the motor wires from that hole and attach the motor inside the hairdryer body by applying the hot glue gun on a wooden block.


Step #4. Make the vent

Now you have to prepare the vent of a hairdryer. Take a metal or plastic net and fix it on the bottom with the plumbing tape or hot glue gun.  


Step #5. Pass the wires from the cylindrical to the rectangular bottle

In this step, we will drill a hole on the bottom and right or left side of the rectangular-shaped bottle. Then make two pairs of wires by taking one wire from the heating element and one from the motor. Pass one pair from the side hole and the other from the mouth of the rectangular bottle. Glue both bottles with each other. 


Step # 6. The final step

Now, you have to join an on/off switch to the pair of wires coming out of the side hole with the help of a connector screwdriver. At this time, you are close to the final step. Just drill a hole on the cap of the rectangular bottle and pass both pairs of wires out of it. Take a DC adaptor and jits one wire with the on/off switch and one with the second pair of wires. Secure all the connections with plumbing tape and put the wirings aside from the hairdryer cavity.  You may also be interested to know how to use a hairdryer for lice.


Can we make a hairdryer without bottles?

The answer to this question is yes. You can use soda cans and give them support from the inside with the empty tissue paper rolls. PVC pipes are also a reliable option if you are not up for plastic bottles. The choice is yours in the end as it does not affect how hair dryers work.


It’s A Wrap!

You finally have the answer to how to make a hairdryer at home. It’s time to incorporate all the information into practice and you will get amazed by the results. You may want to read related articles; know how to clean a Dyson hairdryer filter and how many amps does a hairdryer use.

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