How To Make A Hair Dryer Nozzle At Home? A Definitive Guide!

In this article, we will tell you how to make a hair dryer nozzle at home without spending money on buying an advanced dryer that comes with attachments; and this is a one-step guide, so I’m sure you can do it with a breeze.

Generally, there are two significant types of blow dryer attachments; one is a concentrator, and the other is a diffuser. We understand that not everyone is budgeted for buying those A-listed blow dryers.

how to make a hair dryer nozzle at home

It could be your “DIY” side that pushes you to make things by your hands at home. Just like me, I do believe that I’m kind; nothing gives me an internal pleasure than using things I made, especially those which are available at home. You can turn the most specific items into the most amazing ones when you search the internet and mix up different ideas. To know where to start, scroll down!


What Is A Nozzle?

A nozzle is not made for hair or blow dryers only. We use it in our everyday life in garden hoses, pressure washers, and sprayers. The primary function of the hairdryer nozzle is to increase the speed of water or airflow depending on the machine with which it is attached. The nozzle is known as a concentrator when used with hair dryers. It gives a direction to air by gathering the air in one position and blowing it out with high velocity. Thus, making the drying time less than it takes without a nozzle.


How To Make A Hair Dryer Concentrator Nozzle At Home?

If your paper towel roll is about to end, it is rolled must have no use for you. But that’s what you think about it. That can be used as an excellent concentrator that will help you blow-dry your hair in an emergency. In this central section, we will tell you a one-step guide on how to make a hair dryer nozzle at home.

Cut the roll in half if you are using large size paper towels. If you have a smaller one, there is no need to do anything. Just place that card roll on the mouth of your hairdryer. Fix it properly by using hot glue or transparent tape. When you are satisfied that the nozzle is sitting in the correct position, press the upper side of the roll from the finger and thumb of both hands until it starts looking like a concentrator nozzle that comes with fancy blow dryers. Keep pressing until you get a perfect size. 

Keep in mind that the thinner mouth of the concentrator nozzle means that air will come out with high velocity. Don’t press the roll too much if you want a smoother airflow with a low rate. The hot air coming from a high speed could harm your hair. Hairdryers usually have two primary attachments: a concentrator (nozzle) and a diffuser. A concentrator gives the hair maximum shine and is best suitable for straight hairs. At the same time, a diffuser is specially designed for girls with curls in their hair.


How To Make A Diffuser At Home?

Take an old sock of breathable fabric and tie it over the mouth of the blow dryer with a rubber band or hair tie. Start diffusing your hair after plugging in the dryer. Keep these two things in mind before using the sock as a diffuser.

  • The fabric shouldn’t be too absorbent as it will become extra hot and can result in hair damage. 
  • Never choose a fabric that could melt after direct contact with heat.

Here’s how to use a hair dryer diffuser.


How To Make A Bonnet At Home?

Bonnet hair dryer attachment effectively dries the hair without frizzy or brittle hair. Don’t worry; you do not have a bonnet attachment. It would be best if you had a cotton t-shirt, and it will serve as a bonnet for you. 

Take an oversized size shirt and tie it from the upper side. Then make a loose bun of the hair and clip it on the top of the head. Wear the shirt on your head and turn on the blow dryer. The heat coming out from the dryer won’t cause roughness in your hair as the heat will first contact the shirt and then your hair. The shirt will become an excellent replacement for a bonnet. Thus, giving your hair a sleek and free-flowing look. 

All three methods to make hair dryer attachments such as concentrator nozzle, diffuser and bonnet are super helpful and accessible. But they cannot replace the actual ones available in the market because companies spend a lot of time researching the most accurate type of material and structure for a specific kind of attachment. 

The homemade nozzle is super beneficial when you are getting late and hurry to dry your hair. But they will not help you in the long run because it requires more maintenance than an actual one. Find out how to use a hair dryer bonnet!


It’s A Wrap

Now, you know how to make a hair dryer nozzle at home. You can also make a diffuser and bonnet using ordinary socks and a t-shirt. Know the 10 home remedies of dry hair.

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