How To Make A Guinea Pig Bed? In 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to make a guinea pig bed? Well, you will know as you read along with the article.

Don’t worry, as each of the steps is easy to execute; just follow them religiously.

Indeed, it’s crucial to consider the home of your pet; it’s where it spends most or almost all of its time.

That’s why there’s a need for you to make sure that it’s comfortable and clean.

As a pet parent, you should know how you can make its bed.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


how to make a guinea pig bed

Step To Make A Guinea Pigs Bed

Well, there are many ways on how to make a guinea pig bed.

But, in this article, I will teach you the simplest way.

Just a little background, we’ll make one with a spongy filling.

So, even if you would wash or clean your pet’s home, it’s sure to stand for some time, and your pig will love it.

Before everything else, you have to prepare the following:

  • Tape measure
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Fleece/any bedding
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Stuffing

Aside from these things, you also need to have the usual equipment to use in sewing your pet’s bed.

Be it noted that fleece is merely optional. You have the discretion to choose whatever bedding you wish to use.

So, let’s start!

Here are the steps on how you can make a guinea pig bed:


Step #1. Cut a shape to make the cushion

The first step that you should take is to cut a shape out of wax paper.

You will need to make the cushion for your bed.

In order to obtain a foundation that’s round, you can get a plate and use it as a guide.

Once you’ve finished cutting the wax paper, you can fold it into quarters.

And the folds depend on the shape and size that you want.

In case you use it for your pet’s cage, you can make it a little smaller.

Ensure that its cage has enough space, so there is room for snacks or other furry friends.

Now, you can get rid of the wax paper then put it on a fleece.

When placing, see to it that the right side faces out.

If you’re using a plate (as I suggested earlier) or some circle things, you can trace it using chalk and cut.


Step #2. Stitch the ends of the tube

Now, it’s time to stitch the ends of the tube.

Make sure that the right sides are together.

Fold them, making the right side out.

Just make sure that you have two cutouts so you can later on a layer and sew them.


Step #3. Pin the side open

It’s time for pinning the open side of the tube piece into the bottom side.

Through the four layers of fleece, you have to sew the entire sides at once.

And this will lead to an opening specifically made for stuffing.

Make sure that the bottom side and the tube piece are pinned together.

Before you should sew them, you need to put a mark on the opening.

Begin to sew on the far side of the opening until you nearly reached it.


Step #4. Leaving an opening

After you sew all sides, you have an opening.

Use this to fill it with a stuffing, depending on your desire.

Once done, you can close it, of course, by sewing it.

And that’s all, my friends!

You now have a guinea pig bed, as simple as that.


Beddings You Can Use To Make A Guinea Pig Bed

So, you have many options of beddings to use for your guinea pig’s bed.

Here are just some of them:


#1. Aspen bedding

Perhaps, it’s the most secured option for your pet’s bed.

There’s no doubt why vets highly recommend it.

It’s furnished from hardwood, but it doesn’t have that aroma, so your pet won’t struggle from an awkward smell.


#2. Fleece bedding

Yes, it’s excellent bedding for your pet’s bed.

Fleece looks fluffy, and that means beautiful.

I guess you can relate to how cute it is to look at fluffy objects, right?

Aside from that, it’s super absorbent.

Also, it’s cost-effective; you’re sure to use it for a longer period.


#3. Paper bedding

Paper is the typical option for a lot of guinea pig parents.

It’s undoubtedly good for your pet.

Also, it’s gentle and absorbent, so it’s good to regulate odor.

Yes, this kind of bedding also comes with different styles and qualities.

Just like any other materials, there are pros and cons when using paper bedding.

Anyway, whatever option that you will try may be good or sometimes bad for your pet.



Now, you’ve already known how to make a guinea pig bed.

Yes, you can always buy it in a local store or even online.

It’s undoubtedly worth it to make something valuable for your pet.

I’m sure your pet will love and appreciate it.

And also, there are many bedding materials that you can try.

Again, this thing depends upon your desire.

So, I’ll leave you from there.

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