How To Make A Fleece Tie Blanket For A Baby In 5 Basic Steps!

Babies need various things, and one of them is a trusty blanket. Knowing how to make a fleece tie blanket for a baby is perfect because it’s bright and exciting. Also, it’s not hard to do because you do not have to sew!

The steps to making a no-sew fleece blanket are below. We’ve also included other topics related to fleece tie blankets that you would be interested in.

how to make a fleece tie blanket for a baby


Steps On Making A No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket

Blankets do not always need to be sewed, and here is proof of that. Enjoy making a no-sew fleece tie blanket for your baby by following the instructions below.


Step #1. Prepare the materials

The materials you need to make a no-sew fleece tie blanket are two coordinating colors of fleece. It’s better if one is a solid, bright-colored fabric, and the other has a bright design. In addition, the following things you need are sharp scissors, a ruler, and a yardstick.


Step #2. Cut the edges

Cut the selvage edges of your fabric. Make sure both materials are of the same size in length and width.

When you cut the ends, make sure the numbers are whole. You can measure this with a ruler.


Step #3. Lay and cut

Lay your fabric with the wrong sides together. After that, take your ruler, measure five inches up from each side, then snip. The result would be a cut from five inches from the corner of the blanket.

Then, cut until the two snips meet into a square. Remove the square from the fabric. Repeat on all corners of the blanket.


Step #4. Line and cut

Line the yardstick from the top of the square-cut corner to another. Keep the yardstick in place to make it easier to cut the fringes.

Measure one inch for the width of the tassel, then cut. The dimensions of the edges would be 1”x5” all along the edges of the blanket. Repeat until you have tassels in all corners.


Step #5. Tie the fringes

Lift the fringes of both fabrics by putting your fingers underneath, then make a loop. Push the two pieces of cloth into the circle to tie it.

Push the knot so it’s up to the base and make sure that it is secure. Do this for all the fringes along with the entire blanket.


How much fleece do you need for a tie blanket?

It is standard practice to prepare one yard of two coordinating fabrics for a baby fleece tie blanket. You would need one-and-a-half yard for each material for a child, while you need two yards for an adult. All in all, you would need two (baby), three (child), and four (adult) yards for your fleece tie blanket according to who you will make it for.


What type of fleece is ideal for tie blankets?

Polar fleece is ideal for no-sew blankets, making it perfect for tie blankets. There are two kinds of polar fleece fabric, which are: anti-pill and non-anti-pill.

The former does not pill even after several washes and is of higher quality than the latter. The latter is cheaper, but it runs the risk of pilling after washing. Polar fleece also comes in various weights, although the medium weight one is the most common.

Another type of fleece that is perfect for babies or children blankets is microfleece. They are soft to the touch and are known to be versatile. It is light and comfortable, but it still gives warmth, so it is perfect for babies and children.

Minky or cuddle fabric imitates the feel of mink. In other words, it is plush and soft to the touch.

This type of fleece is of high maintenance compared to the different kinds of fleece. It is also more expensive, especially double-sided ones. They are commonly used for baby blankets, like the other two mentioned above.

The coral fleece has a fur-like texture, and it is akin to Minky fleece. However, contrary to polar fleece, it stretches and sheds, which means it cannot be used for no-sew projects.

It is also expensive and needs a great deal of care, like Minky fleece. Generally, though, it is used for baby clothes and adult fleece jackets.


How many minutes does it take to finish a fleece tie blanket?

Approximately, it would only take 30 minutes to finish a no-sew fleece tie blanket. It can be made by children eight years and up.

Aside from the steps mentioned earlier, there are also other ways to make a fleece tie blanket. You can bind two layers of fleece or braid the edges, and you can even make your personal choice of edges. The possibilities of doing a tie blanket are endless!



No-sew projects are a delight to do, and now you know how to make a fleece tie blanket for a baby. You can grab different ideas from this article and use them for your next project, like making an adult fleece tie blanket with another type of edge.