How To Make A Dress Out Of A Blanket: 2 Easy DIY Methods

If you have many old blankets that you can’t dispose of, here are some tutorials on how to make a dress out of a blanket. 


how to make a dress out of a blanket

Dresses are one of the types of clothes that are most convenient. You can wear it at weddings, parties, beaches, and even in your sleep.


Read on further to see the process of making your very own DIY dress! 


Required materials

Here are the materials you will need in making your pre-loved blanket into a lovely dress.


  • Tape measure


  • Scissors


  • Sewing paper


  • Needle


  • Garter


  • Fabric chalk


  • Thread


  • Blanket


Methods On How To Make A Dress Out Of A Blanket


Method #1. No-sew dress

In this process, you will only need a few materials.


  • Step #1. Get some paper and fold it into four equal parts (do it vertically, then horizontally). You will use this one for the armhole of your dress.


  • Step #2. Have someone measure your back and list it down, then have the half measure of your back.


Then, get the 1/4 of that measure from the neck downwards, and lastly is 1/8 of that measure from the arm.


Make sure it’s listed in the paper as well. (Ex: Back- 42 cm, 1/2 – 21 cm, and 1/4 – 10.5 cm and 1/8 – 5.25 cm).


  • Step #3. Use the 1/4 measurement as the length in the folded paper and the 1/8 measurement as the width, and marked it down. Then, cut it.


  • Step #4. Fold the blanket in half, meeting one end to the other. 


  • Step #5. You need to use the 1/2 measurement (Ex: 21 cm) horizontally on the folded side.


  • Step #6. You will need to use the 1/4 measurement (Ex: 10.5cm) from the end of the mark from the neck and downwards.


From there, you can now mark using the circle you made from the first steps.


  • Step #7. Be careful in cutting the circle; make sure you are cutting the fabrics together.


You’re almost done. You have a dress. You can do some folding and knotting for design or use a belt for simplicity and style.


Method #2. Sewing method

In this method, you can make a dress like a pro.


  • Step #1. Using the tape measure, measure from your toe up to just above your bust.


  • Step #2. Lay your chosen blanket on a flat surface, mark the measurement across the blanket, and then cut it.


Save the excess fabric for later.


  • Step #3. Fold the blanket vertically and sew the edges.


  • Step #4. Take the excess part of the blanket and sew its edges as well.


Put it inside the first blanket and sew it together to make your dress thicker. 


  • Step #5. Lay your blanket on a flat surface with the sewn side in the middle.


  • Step #6. Cut a conical shape on one side and use the cut part to trim off the other side.


  • Step #7. Pin the edges of the conical edges up to the top part of the blanket


  • Step #8. Run a stitch across the area.


  • Step #9. Cut a portion of the area, but make sure you don’t cut too much of the fabric. 


  • Step #10. Fold the blanket to the right side and pin again in the same area for a finer stitch.


  • Step #11. Measure the distance from your bust just down under your bra area.


Measure two inches from there, then fold the area into tiny equal folds and sew it. 


  • Step #12. After that step, you can now sew the garter into the area. This part will determine the shape of your dress.


  • Step #13. After working on the abdominal area of the dress, you can now work on the strap area next.


It can be a belt, lace, or a shoelace that matches the color of your blanket. 


  • Step #14. For easier insertion, you can put a pin at the end of your chosen lace and insert it through the hole on the top of your dress. 


  • Step #15. Make sure to meet the strap ends, then sew them together. 


You can add little folding in the front and back of your dress to emphasize its design.


There you have it, a new maxi dress out of your pre-loved blanket.



Buying a new dress is fun, but you wouldn’t enjoy wearing it if it took a toll on your budget.


In cases like this, learning how to make a dress out of a blanket is a life skill you will not regret.


People often build emotional attachments to their things. In most cases, these attachments are associated with blankets.


If you don’t want to let go of your favorite blanket, you can turn it into a dress instead! Just toss in a few more, and you’ll have a stylish piece of attire in no time.


Consider reusing your fabrics instead of throwing them away, and you’ll be surprised by what you can do with them!