How To Make A Comfortable Sofa Bed Mattress? 10 Easy Tips!

Are you wondering how to make a comfortable sofa bed mattress?

There are numerous ways to add the comfort you feel when using the sofa bed, as simple as cleaning it.

how to make a comfortable sofa bed mattress

I know most of us love how convenient a sofa bed could get.

Of course, they save up space, but it is also a great way to spend a TV late night watch.

Your living room could act as a receiving area during the day and serve as a bedroom for guests coming over at night.

I mean, who doesn’t love sofa beds?

But did you know that you could love it even more after knowing how comfortable these beds could get?

Whether you are lying down, standing up, or sitting right up on your couch but do get ready to add comfort to your sofa bed right now.


What Is A Sofa Bed?

Sofa beds or are sometimes called bed-couch or sleeper sofa, are sofa that could serve as a bed at the same time.

The idea of this furniture has a compartment underneath that has a metal frame that can be unfolded or opened to make the bed.

Usually, a foldable mattress or a futon mattress is placed above the metal frames to make the bed when unfolded.

Tips To Make A Comfortable Sofa Bed Mattress

So, how to make a comfortable sofa bed mattress?

I have here ten great tips to make your sofa bed mattress more comfortable than what it already is before.


Tip #1. Use a mattress topper

Using a mattress topper could soften the sofa’s texture.

You may be sleeping on a tight and firm mattress.

So adding a topper is your choice to soften things up.

Since the mattress toppers add an extra layer.

They too make the sofa beds thicker and, as a result, more comfortable.

Make sure to choose a mattress topper that is at least one to two inches thick.

Materials could vary from foam, microfiber, cotton, or fussed gel foams.


Tip #2. More pillows

Of course, adding pillows makes it more comfortable.

However, the number of pads may determine how well you will sleep.

So instead of using the sofa’s cushions, settle on a sleeping pillow to increase the comfort level.

A fluffy pillow could also help you get a fantastic sleeping experience.

However, if you are experiencing joint pains or allergies, a visco-elastic foam is recommended.


Tip #3. Add duvet

If you feel that mattress toppers are not enough, consider adding some duvet.

Also, consider placing them on your bed instead of putting it on like a blanket.

You can have extra back support since duvets are thick.

It could help compensate for the mattress’s thinness.


Tip #4. Comfy blanket

Having a comfortable sleep is having a comfy blanket to partner it up.

Heated padding or a blanket may be best in winter.

A cooling blanket is best used in tropical climates and summer.


Tip #5. Vacuum

Cleaning the mattress will lessen the dust collected within, which makes it more comfortable to sleep in.

Using a vacuum cleaner will do the job.

An unpleasant odor from food excess may make you uncomfortable, so cleaning it is one of the best solutions we have


Tip #6. Flip the mattress over

If your mattress is already sagging, it could cause a sore back and other back pains after sleeping on them.

To reduce the sagginess of the mattress, flip it over.

It will not only improve but also helps circulate the airflow in the bed.


Tip #7. New mattress

If you want to feel more comfortable and your mattress doesn’t feel right anymore, consider buying a new one.

Having a new mattress will give you more options to choose its softness and other feature with which you’ll be more comfortable.


Tip #8. Plywood base

Having a plywood base makes the weight distribution even.

In addition, the flat surface underneath the mattress will feel more comfortable.

If you are sleeping on a flat and well-supported mattress, the weight your body exerts will become even, thus making it more comfortable.


Tip #9. Use essential oils

A great way to add a little class to your relaxation is with the use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy is a great way to add atmosphere to a more comfortable sleep.

A sofa bed could be very inviting and more comfortable to sleep in if you could smell lavender, lemons, and other relaxing smell to relieve stress.

It is pretty simple and easy to set up.

For example, you can use an oil diffuser for your favorite scent next to your sofa.

Or you could choose to spray a hint of these perfumed essentials that are mixed with water to your bedding.


Tip #10. Repair

You may not be comfortable if your bed sounds squeaky and rocks back and forth.

But, I mean, who wouldn’t be bothered?

I suggest you check your bed for repairs.

There may be some loose screws that create the rocking motion.

Check for tight friction from the joints and add lubricants if necessary.

The friction creates a squeaky sound, so fix it.



Knowing how to make a comfortable sofa bed mattress can help you get the better sleep you deserve.

Not only will you sleep well, but you will be able to have a great morning the next thing you wake up.

So, start making a way to add comfort and consider the things I’ve mentioned above.

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