How To Make A Card Board Chair: Easy 3-Step DIY Guide

Making furniture out of cardboard is a fun project that you can do with your kids, and if you know how to make a card board chair, you can make a quick, functional project that you can put in your child’s room.

Cardboard by itself can be weak and flimsy. However, when the pieces are layered on top of one another, it becomes strong enough to hold a person’s weight.

how to make a card board chair

This can be an enjoyable project for you to do with your kids as they can gather their old cardboard boxes and other scrap cardboard pieces to make their chairs. They can also customize these chairs with paint, stickers, glitters, and other craft supplies to make them their own.


Supplies Needed To Make Cardboard Chairs

Here are the supplies that you need for your project:

  • Cardboard box and scrap cardboard. Corrugated cardboards are stronger and will make sturdier chairs.
  • Scissors or box cutters to cut up the pieces of cardboard.
  • Ruler, yardstick, or measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Strong glue such as polyvinyl acetate or hot glue
  • Acrylic paint and brushes or spray paint
  • Craft supplies for decorating, such as stickers, glitter, and ribbons.
  • Clear finish (polyurethane)


Steps To Make Cardboard Chairs


Step #1. Make a sturdy frame

Using a sturdy, square cardboard box, spread glue along the inside surface of the flaps. Then, press each flap inside the box to glue them to the inside walls for additional support.

Flip the box back onto its base to allow it to dry. When dry, flip the box so that the base is now on the top.

Measure the base of the box and use a pencil and ruler to draw squares of the same size onto one of the scrap cardboard. Using scissors or a box cutter, make about six cardboard squares of the same size for the chair.


Step #2. Assemble the chair

Spread glue on the base of the box and place the first square cut on top of the base. Repeat four more times, using five pieces of cardboard cut-outs.

Press each square cut-out down firmly onto the base of the box and wipe any excess glue with a paper towel. Leave the box to dry for at least two hours.

Using the last square to make the back of the chair, simply spread the glue along the bottom edge of the square and press the bottom edge onto the back. Allow another two hours to dry.


Step #3. Decorate your chair

It’s time to decorate! This is the most fun part of the project, especially if you are doing it with your kids.

Paint the chair with tempera or acrylic paints if desired. You can also use spray paint to make the process faster.

However, make sure that an adult is present when using spray paint to ensure proper use and avoid the dangers of paint fumes. Two to three coats of paint will need about two hours of drying time per coat.

With the help of an adult, apply a coat of clear finish over the paint. Decorate the chair with stickers, glitter, or other craft items to customize it, and you’re done!


Tips To Make Your Cardboard Chair Better

Here are other tips to help you make your cardboard chair sturdier and better for use.

  • Use corrugated cardboard as it is stronger.
  • The more layers of your cardboard you use, the stronger and sturdier the chair becomes.
  • Avoid using cardboard with creases, as this can weaken the structure of the chair.
  • You can contact the recycling center in your area to check if they have free pieces of recycled cardboard.
  • You can also use packing tape, screws, and other types of fasteners to serve as extra support. These can help make your chairs sturdier.
  • Use larger boxes and cardboard cut-outs to pair them better with larger pieces of furniture.
  • When using hot glue to put the chair together, you have to work faster to keep the glue from drying.
  • You can also use colored cardboard or spray paint to add color to your cardboard chair faster. Make sure that an adult is present before using spray paint for safety purposes.
  • Create a more comfortable seat by adding a cushion, pillow, or a square piece of foam on the seat.
  • Cover the chair in fabric to add design and texture. It will also look better next to your furniture.
  • When done, test your cardboard chair by easing into it. This way, you will be sure that the chair can support your weight and avoid accidents in the future.

Cardboard furniture can be useful in a lot of ways. They can be used as temporary furniture for kids or student dorm rooms and rented spaces.

Despite being made of cardboard, these types of furniture can be solid and durable. Because cardboard is a very affordable and accessible material, you can also build your cardboard furniture by yourself. Make your paper templates to cut out pieces and assemble them for more complex designs.



Using cardboard furniture is eco-friendly, especially if you are using recycled cardboard for your project. If you learn how to make a card board chair, you can also expand your creativity to make other types of cardboard furniture.

They don’t have to look simple or boring. Let your imagination run wild with these types of crafts, and enjoy your creations.

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