How To Make A Canopy Bed? 5 Easy Steps!

Have you ever thought or wondered how to make a canopy bed for yourself at home?

If not, then let us help you on how you can accomplish making your new bed and how you can finish the task with no worries furthermore.

As the name implies, canopy beds are beds with a canopy on top of them, which you may hang curtains to keep the temperature warmer and prevent light.

When you buy a house, you might envision what our bedroom should look like and what kind of bed you want.

And when it comes to picking the perfect bed, you will make sure that you have chosen the one suited for your preference.

But what if your budget is not enough to buy the bed you want for a long time?

Worry not because we have prepared a set of steps to follow and make your canopy bed at home without the hassle.


Steps To Make A Canopy Bed On Your Own

How to make a canopy bed?

Making a canopy bed may cost you a lot of time and effort into making one, but the result will still be worth what you have invested.

When doing DIY kinds of bed from scratch, it sounds like it will give you a hard time, right?

Well now, you don’t have to worry about that.

Call in a companion, and you may get the job finished in no time.

Regardless, when it comes to making beds, you can choose and learn from many methods.

But, in this case, we have devised the simplest method, which can be quickly learned and put into practice.

When completing this activity, it’s essential to have reliable support, so invite a friend or family member to assist you.


Step #1. Gathering all the materials needed

The first step is, of course, gathering all the materials that you need to start making your canopy bed.

Measuring tools, hacksaw, drill, screwdriver, and a ladder is a must when dealing with these.

Also, below here are the following materials that you will need for this project:

  • Ceiling fittings
  • Corner piece single track
  • Gliders or hooks
  • Singletrack rail
  • Curtains

You may purchase them at a nearby hardware store if these items are available in your area.

Also, take note that when picking suitable materials, always go for a quality check before paying to avoid any possible problems.


Step #2. Deciding if where to place the canopy

Place the track rails and corner pieces on the floor around your bed to choose where you want the canopy to be set up.

Then leave a space in between the rails and the beds for the curtain.

Take note that the track rails all come in one length and width, which will cause you to use more than just a piece to cover the sides of the bed.

Ensure that they are all lined up into place to avoid doing it from the top once more.


Step #3. Cutting the rails into equal portions

Now that the rails are decided to be positioned take them off first and bring out the saw from your equipment.

Then place all of the rails onto a flat surface like the floor, then cut them off into equal lengths.

Once you are done sawing them off, place them around your bed again to double-check and determine the areas you’ll need to drill.

Always keep in mind that when doing kinds of job like this, take precautions and do it slowly but surely when needed.


Step #4. Make a mark on the ceiling where you will need to drill

Now that you have determined where you will place your rails, drill a hole for the fittings and start to mount them.

Be mindful that when attaching these, use the correct screw or fastener appropriate for your ceiling.

Remember, wrong material used, broken ceilings will be the result.

Once you are done drilling the hole, click the rail into place after inserting the attachment piece into the fitting.

Repeat the process for all rail pieces though, do not attach all corner pieces yet.


Step #5. Hang the curtains on the gliders with the hooks attached

The gliders or hooks are designed to be used with collecting tape, but you may also use them without it.

For this step, put all the gliders onto the curtains, which then you can hang on afterward into the mounts placed on the ceiling.

You can also put gathering tape to curtains that do not have mounts for gliders to place.

Then position each corner piece into the rails and fasten with a click after all gliders are in place.

And that is how you make canopy beds.

We hope you enjoy working with your family and friends on this project.



Now that we’ve addressed the topic of “How to make a canopy bed.”

We hope you’ve gained some insight into how to construct your canopy bed at home.

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That is if you want to learn what a canopy bed is.

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