How To Make A Bow Pillow? Do It In 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to make a bow pillow? If yes, achieve it in just four easy steps.

Sewing this decorative home accessory will not require exceptional stitching skills, making it a perfect project for beginners. So, there’s no need to worry!

how to make a bow pillow

This guide will present you with a way to make the bow-shaped pillow with confidence.

The best thing about doing it on your own than buying from a store is that you can create and personalize it to suit your preference and aesthetic best.


Supplies And Tools You Will Need

Listed below are the things you need to give life to the project:

  • Fabric (Preferably two, with different designs or colors)
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Pins and clips
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


Step By Step Instructions To Make A Bow Pillow

Finally, we have come to the part where you officially start creating your pillow.

Here are the steps on how to do it:


Step #1. Measure and cut your fabric for bow and tie

Take your fabric and lay it on top of your workstation.  For the bow, you will need two identical pieces with a dimension of 13×9 inches.

Using your ruler and pencil, mark the measurements on your chosen fabric, and afterward, cut the pieces evenly using your scissors.

If you have prepared a different-colored or designed fabric, use it for the pillow’s tie. You can also make use of excess material from previous projects.

You can get creative when it comes to the fabric color and pattern combinations you would like to use, but make sure it matches the palette of the room.

Measure and cut the fabric to 6×11 inches, using the appropriate tools.


Step #2. Make the bow pillow

Get your two identical fabric pieces and place them on top of each other with right sides facing one another.

In doing this step, make sure that the material is in a horizontal position.

Mark the center part of the top of the fabric (the side that measures 13 inches). And place two pins on either side with about an inch of distance from the mark.

Take your clips and place them along the fabric’s edges.

Using your sewing machine, stitch starting from a pin.

Here’s a sewing tip when you reach the corner of the fabric. Bring down the needle, lift the presser foot, turn the material 90° and proceed on sewing the next side.

Stop sewing when you reach the other pin; this will leave an opening at one side of the pillow.

Remove the pins and flip your pillow through the opening, right side out.

Grab your Polyester stuffing and insert it inside the pillow. Ensure to fill it generously, especially the corners.

Fold the fabric’s seams and run it through the sewing machine to seal the gap. It may not look like a bow at the moment, but you are getting there!


Step #3. Create the tie

Now, you will make the other essential element of the bow-shaped pillow, the tie.

To create this, take your 6×11-inch fabric, and lay it on top of the surface horizontally.

Fold it crosswise, ensuring that the right fabric sides are facing each other.

Here, you can choose to use your pins or clips to secure the material in place. Remove them as you sew the edges.

After you have successfully stitched the previously pinned or clipped edges, the fabric will look like a tube. Flip it, right side out.

Lay the newly sewn fabric on your workstation and keep the seam in the middle so that when you fold the fabric in half, it will look neat.

Take the two openings and fold, and sew them together; at this time, the fabric must look like a square. Flip it, right side out.


Step #4. Assemble the bow-shaped pillow

The sewing part of this project has officially come to an end. Now, all you have to do is to insert the pillow through the loop of the tie.

You may find it frustrating to fit it inside the hole, but trust the process; it will all be worth it.

Push down the pillow with your hand and slowly insert it in the opening of the tie; it’s like you’re adding a band to the home accessory.

In doing this step, you have to be careful not to rip the stitches. Once it has reached the center, extend the tie’s sides to make it look neater.

You can also choose to explore and unleash your creative side by making another tie with ruffles or beads to elevate the bow pillow.

Also, if you have plans to make more in the future, you can always switch the ties and pillows and add embroidery if you want to.



Learning how to make a bow pillow is not as complicated and intimidating as it sounds. In just four simple steps, you were able to gain more sewing experience.

Moreover, you elevated the vibe of your home by creating the accessory yourself.

Gaining confidence and having a sense of accomplishment after finishing the project cannot be topped by a store-bought bow pillow.