How To Make A Blanket That Folds Into A Pillow

This article features the steps on how to make a blanket that folds into a pillow. This product is sometimes called a ‘quillow’ since it is folded in itself.


What Exactly Is A Quillow?

Anyone who’s lucky enough to meet their grandmother would probably know what a quillow is. In most cases, Grandmas store one or more of these things in their cars, just in case their grandchildren would want to use them during long road trips. As previously mentioned, a quillow is a clever piece of invention that’s both a pillow and a quilt.

Essentially, it’s a good, old-fashioned quilt that features a pouch that’s sewn onto its backing fabric. Right after you fold the quilt you can immediately turn it into its own pouch and – voila! You’ve got yourself a pillow.


Steps You Need to Take to Make Your Own Blanket that Folds Into a Pillow

All you need are essential sewing skills, free time, and raw materials. Quillows are ideal to use for any kind of activities such as picnics, stay-at-home vacations, or sports events.

It is convenient since it will not only keep you warm, but it is also easily modified into a pillow. It is excellent for cuddling, traveling, sleeping on the couch, camping, and many more.


Step 1: Preparing all the materials

The first step in making a quillow is to prepare all the necessary materials. The supplies include a tape measure, scissors, two yards of printed fabric, two yards of flannel, a thread that matches, and a sewing machine.

In selecting your fabric, you must consider the people who will use the quillow. The fabric pattern varies depending on the user’s preferences. A sports enthusiast may prefer a design with balls or bats, or a cat lover may opt to go for cute cat patterns.

You must also be careful in choosing the padding or insulation patched between the top and bottom parts of the fabric. It is essential to buy high-quality padding that will hold the pieces securely when the blanket is folded.


Step 2: Sewing the blanket

To make the blanket, cut off the fabric’s edges first. Then cut the ends of each fabric about 16 inches length-wise. Measure and cut two 16-inch square bits of these 16-inch long bands.

It should be about 40 to 42 inches high and 56 inches long for your remaining cloth. Place the fabric, one section on the top, and merge the two materials on the right sides. The right side is applied to the side of the fabric to be shown.


Step 3: Layering the padding

After that, layer the padding on top of the fabrics and pin the ends of the three pieces together. Then, sew the three sections with a 0.5-inch seam. Turn the fabric right-side facing inward and sew a 0.25-inch seam around the ends to close the opening.


Step 4: Making the pillow pocket

To make the pillow pocket, use the squares to sew on the fabric with a 0.25-inch seam allowance. Make sure to allow an opening for the pocket. Next, fold the 0.5-meter material in half

Sew the squares’ long corners together with a 1.3 cm seam in half, right sides opposite each other. Until sewing, verify that the sides are aligned and pinned. Be careful not to sew around the pocket.


Step 5: Assembling the parts

To assemble the quillow, place a bigger blanket on a flat surface and put the pillow pocket right in the top middle. The side of the wide blanket should match the edge of the pocket sewn on a half-inch seam. Then, install the pocket.

Use the 0.6 cm seam to sew the three exterior corners of the pillow pocket to the cover. Do not sew the side of the pocket patched with the edge of the cover. Otherwise, you won’t have a place to place your blanket on.


Step 6: Folding the blanket

Now, to fold the blanket into a pillow, at the bottom of the cover, put the pillow pocket on the patterned side of the printed edge. Next, stitch the pocket into the blanket on three sides, leave it exposed on the front side. The nearest side is open to the middle.

Over the blanket, turn the right side. Place a hand into the pillow’s pocket and hang on to the side stitched to the fabric. Hold the other side to the edge of the pillow pocket.

By this time the blanket should be loaded in the pillow pocket proportions. Pull the pillow pocket outward, dragging or tilting the tip of the ends and the folded cloth at the same time.

To make a blanket that folds into a pillow, lay flat the blanket with the pattern on the right side down. Fold over one edge, then up the next. Finally, you have a blanket that can be turned into a pillow.


Final Thoughts on How to Make A Blanket That Folds into A Pillow

A quillow would probably take you down a trip to memory lane when you were having one of those fun sleepovers at Grandma’s house. Needless to say, learning how to make a blanket that folds into a pillow is always a good idea because the quilt and the pillow are both comforting.