How To Make A Bed Military Style? 7 Easy Steps!

How to make a bed military style?

Sleeping is such a luxury and preventing yourself to crawl back in your bed is a difficult task.

How to make a bed military style

But making one’s bed is another story.

It is a typical scene in war-themed movies to see men in uniforms alongside their neatly arranged bunk beds.

Otherwise, the soldiers will be asked to tightly mend their beds again.

Of course, coupled with some push-ups as a form of punishment.

Bed making is a necessary skill not exclusive to the military.

As civilians, a properly made bed does not only mean a secure and good night’s sleep.

It also speaks a lot about our personality and offers other benefits.

Check the things you will need and important steps in making your military style.

Now, brace yourself sarge.



What Will You Need?

Like a soldier, you need to prepare your weapon before heading to the battlefield.

Listed below are the things you will need in making your bed military style:

  • A pillow
  • A blanket
  • Two sheets (top and fitted)
  • A comforter – optional
  • A long wooden spoon – optional


Steps To Make A Bed Military Style

Geared with all the things you will need, you are good to go.

So, how to make a bed military style?

Follow the seven simple steps below.

Let’s now march forward to the first step.


Step #1. Place the fitted sheet.

Place the fitted sheet and fit the corners to the mattress.

Ensure that the edges are tucked neatly under the mattress.

Fitted sheets are commonly used as bottom sheets for beds.

It has elastics sewn on the seem of the sheet corners.

It enables the fitted sheet to be tightly tucked on the mattress.

You might use a flat sheet if you don’t have a fitted sheet.

Since it doesn’t have the tightness a fitted sheet can offer, you need to employ the “hospital corner” method.


Step #2. Spread the top sheet over the fitted sheet.

The fitted sheet on the first step serves as the bottom sheet.

Now, place the top sheet over the fitted sheet.

Place the top edges of the sheet, the end with the large hem, aligned to the head of the bed.

Make sure that the sheet hangs evenly on both sides of the mattress.


Step #3. Tuck the bottom portion top sheets under the mattress.

Lift the bottom part of the top sheets and tuck it in between the mattress and bed (boxspring).

You can use a long wooden spoon if you have one or if the mattress is too heavy for your hands to lift.

Ensure that the sheets are tightly tucked and lay flat under the mattress


Step #4. Fold diagonally the corners of the sheet and tuck it under the mattress.

This step is made on one of the corners of the sheet near the footboard.

Create a diagonal fold at the corner of the sheets.

Smoothen the diagonal fold made.

Tightly tuck the fold and the draping piece under the mattress.


Step #5. Tuck the top portion top sheets under the mattress

Remember that you are not going to tuck the top portion of the sheet near the headboard.

First, fold the top portion of the sheet.

Securely tuck the side of the sheet on the bed’s edge.


Step #6. Repeat the same process on the other side.

Secure that the sheets are pulled tightly while following the same steps on the other side of the bed.


Step #7. Place the blanket, comforter, and pillow.

Spread the blanket on the top sheet.

You can leave the blankets hanging or tucked under the mattress like the top sheet.

If you prefer having a comforter, place it above the blanket and sheets.

Place the pillow at the center near the head of the bed for the finishing touch.


Why Should You Make Your Bed?

Bed making is incorporated in military drills to improve their skill in that aspect.

Recruits practice it every day until they can do it in under just a couple of minutes.

But why should the military emphasize bed making instead of other activities relevant to warfare like shooting?

A bunk bed is just a tool used to improve a soldier’s personality.

It gives order inside the barracks and develops their discipline.

Soldiers develop their attention to even the smallest of details.

They can also work more properly in an organized environment.

We are not that much different from soldiers.

Except, they must have real guns.

We hustle in our daily lives trying to accomplish our respective missions.

Explore the list of benefits I have prepared for you how even the simple way of folding your sheets can benefit your day and eventually your life:

  • Keep things clean
  • Starts your day right
  • Helps productivity
  • Improves mood
  • Better sleep

For more explanation about reasons why you should make your bed, check this and this.


Wrapping It Up

How to make a bed military style?

Making your bed every morning seems to be a pretty simple task that most of us cannot carry out well.

With the right things and earnest dedication to discipline yourself, you can achieve making your bed a habit.

The seven steps enumerated sums up everything you need to do to make a bed just like how a soldier does.

Bed making offers you a lot of benefits from a neat look to an organized mind.

You might as well consider making your bed military style from now on.

Soldier, you are now dismissed.