How To Make A Bed Look Luxurious? 5 Easy Steps!

Knowing how to make a bed look luxurious is an important skill that you should master.

Well, who does not love to sleep in a luxurious bed?

how to make a bed look luxurious

If you once slept in a hotel, for sure, you are in awe of the looks of their beds.

Good news, because you can replicate the same luxurious feel and look with the help of this post.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Make A Bed Look Luxurious

I know you’re excited already.

So, how to make a bed look luxurious and feel like those luxurious hotel beds?

Take note of the following steps:


Step #1. Investing in good quality linens

A simple and easy way to make the bed look luxurious is by investing in good quality linens to give the bed a creamy feel and look.

That is because it does not require you to fill the bed with varying layers.

You can acquire good-quality linens from various online stores.

Bed linens are better as compared to those fixed sheets since they are elastic.

With that being said, you can easily prepare your bed with this.

But if you really prefer fixed sheets, get those with at least a 300 thread count.

Aside from that, you should also ensure that it is lightweight and soft.


Step #2. Covering the box spring and frame

Just skip this step if what you have is a platform bed.

Otherwise, you can choose from numerous options in hiding the frame and box spring of the bed.

The good is that you don’t need to spend that much money.

Some of the choices include a bed skirt or a box spring cover to achieve a tailored look.

Ensure to measure the length of the bed first before you purchase a box spring cover.

Typically, the measurement would range from 14 up to 18 inches.

The cover will hide the metal legs as well as disguise the storage underneath your bed.

Remember that the pricier the bed skirt, the greater its weight will be.

They also tend to have more texture than cheaper bed skirts.

With that being said, a heavy skirt or cover will make a good base in achieving luxury bedding.


Step #3. Layering duvet cover, quilts, and blankets

If you look at the magazines, what you will notice first is that the bedding.

It is composed of multiple layers of duvet covers, quilts, coverlets, and blankets.

Completing the four is not necessary to make the bed look luxurious.

But adding another layer will be a good idea.

Adding a duvet, in particular, can be an excellent idea in having a luxury bed since it will make it more comfortable.

But of course, you should not use it if you live somewhere with a climate that will not let you sleep under it.

In other words, if your place has a warm climate, then you should go for a duvet with a cooling effect.

Another way to achieve a luxurious layered look is by using multiple layers of thin fabrics.

Plus, it is easier to clean them as compared to those bulky ones.

Furthermore, using a white sheet will give your bed a clean and fresh look.


Step #4. Adding the right number of pillows

Putting plenty of pillows will look really nice.

However, it is hard to get in and out of bed.

You will have to deal with using and taking those pillows off.

It would be good to have just had around two up to four pillows.

More than that wouldn’t be ideal.

It would also be a good idea to mix different patterns and fabrics on the pillows.

Not only that, but you can also combine different sizes.

For the pillow design, you can combine large Euro and standard king pillows.

Two for each type.

Then, add one long lumbar pillow.

Step #5. Using a padded headboard

If you mainly sleep or just lay on your bed, using a padded headboard wouldn’t be necessary.

But if you like reading in bed, then having a padded headboard would be ideal. this is both lush and soft-looking.

Not only that, but it also feels extremely cozy.

The good news is that padded headboards do not cost that much.

Plus, you can easily customize a headboard by adding foam to it.

If you do not like using padded headboards, ensure a bed frame or a headboard behind your bed.

The mattress being pushed onto the wall will surely not look luxurious.

You may choose from a wooden headboard, iron headboard, or you can get a poster bed.

Remember that the bed will not look complete if you do not have any furniture used on it.

More so, you may put up curtains behind your bed or have your wall painted with a color different from that of your headboard.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading the entire post, for sure, you already know by now how to make a bed look luxurious.

After completing the above steps, each night would feel like you spent it in a five-star hotel.

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