How To Make A Bed In Terraria? In 2 Easy Steps!

How to make a bed in Terraria? You will need wood, stone, torches, iron bars, a loom, and more.

I love to make designs out of something and craft things.

How to make a bed in Terraria

But since I can’t purposely go out, I found out a little game that lets me do what I used to.

I first found out about the game Minecraft.

It was fun especially the survival mode since you’ll have to stay or slay zombies that would kill you during the night.

I mean it is fun making and crafting things and makes them your home.

Another game I am fond of is called Terraria.

Although dying from a different spot and respawning with no items on the pack doesn’t give you a good start.

This is where the bed comes in. The bed in Terraria works wonders.

But in survival mode, you will have to collect certain things that will craft the bed that you need.

If you want to know more about it, keep reading ahead.


What Is Terraria?

Terraria is an action-adventure game just like Minecraft but it’s 2D.

The game revolves around exploration, crafting, survival, and mining.

You could play it alone or with a friend or two.

Just like Minecraft, you get to fight monsters to survive depending on the setting, time, and location.

In line with respawning, having a bed is very advantageous.

Now, you can have a respawning site thanks to the bed.


Steps To Make A Bed In Terraria

Now, how to make a bed in Terraria?

You will have to follow these simple steps to make a bed in Terraria.


Step #1. Collect the materials

Before crafting the bed, you will have to collect the following materials to be used.



You will have to collect as much wood as possible.

You can get wood, generally by cutting down the trees using an ax or a chainsaw.



Collect some stone blocks.

You will need these stones for later. Get them on a smashed altar in a cavern layer.



Torches could be picked up from walls.

Press the open or activate key to light up a region or in a direction.


Iron bars

You must have some iron ore first before having iron bars.

You can get these iron ores by mining underground.



Anvils are made from iron bars, you will have to find plenty of iron ores to make the iron bars.



To make a sawmill in Terraria, you will have to craft an anvil.

Add the anvil with 10 pieces of chain with an iron bar or lead.

Head back to the working bench and launch the crafting panel.

Add 10 blocks of wood, the chain, 2 iron bars to make a sawmill.



Silk is made from crafting a loom.

A loom will cost you 12 woodblocks and place it beside the loom to unlock the silk recipe.

Silk is made from cobwebs so make sure to get some in advance.


Step #2. Crafting the bed

Now that you have everything, let’s move on to crafting.

We will craft the following equipment needed one by one

We’ll make it one by one to avoid confusion. So let’s start making the bench.



Using 10 blocks of wood makes a workbench.

Click the Esc button and open the crafting menu you will see some options but choose to craft the working bench.



Next is to create a furnace.

Click the working bench then combine stones, torches, and woods from your pack.


Iron bars

After the furnace, you will need 15 iron ores to create iron bars.

Using the furnace, smelt the iron ore to create iron bars.



You will have 5 iron bars for every 15 iron ores that you smelt and it will be crafted into an anvil.



Click the workbench and create a sawmill by combining 10 blocks of wood, another 2 iron bars, and some chains.



After creating a sawmill, use 12 planks of wood and 35 pieces of cobwebs to make 5 pieces of silk.



After creating the silk, combine 5 pieces of silk and 15 blocks of wood to make the bed.


Bed’s Purpose On Games

In a survival game, the beds are usually used for restarting points whenever you get defeated by monsters.

You will have to make a room. The bigger space, the better.

Make it also at least 5 blocks high for you to place the bed.

In building a wall, you could use anything aside from dirt.

Dirt tends to be easily broken therefore, a stronger wall must be built.

If ever that your bed will be destroyed by any circumstances, your respawn point will go back to default settings.


Helpful Tips In Terraria Gameplay

Here are some helpful tips in playing Terraria solo.


#1. Never fight unless ready

Never start a fight especially in boss stages unless you are geared up ready to attack and defend.


#2. No diving

Always think of an escape whenever you are diving in the water. Secure your way back up.


#3. Torches in mining

If you decide to mine, make sure to have many torches in stock as you are ready to explore the earth.


#4. Secure a way back

When mining, never dig deep unless you have blocks to make your way back up.


#5. Bottom first

When chopping down a tree, target the bottom part so that the tree will fall.



Knowing how to make a bed in Terraria can be of great advantage.

It may become your restart point.

You will save much time in finding your way back if you already set your restart point somewhere you know.