How To Make A Bed Canopy On A Dorm Bed? 3 Easy Steps!

How to make a bed canopy on a dorm bed?

All you need is the curtains, or simply a wide fabric and some hooks to go along with it.

How to make a bed canopy on a dorm bed

Are you currently staying in a dormitory near your university? Do you miss your room personalization?

Well, I remember when I was still in college, I used to put curtains all over my dorm bed.

Since I can’t decorate the room according to my taste because there were 10 of us staying in that room, I designed my bed instead.

Since I was at the top bed of a double-deck, I made myself a canopy-like set up from the ceiling.

I have used many materials since I love being crafty about my things, so I decorated them the way I wanted.

The dormitory management allowed it, so my fellow room mated did the same.

It was a fun memory for me.

So if you are planning to do the same, you’ve come to the right page because I will teach you how to make your canopy in a dorm bed.



I know some of you preferred to stay in the dormitory rather than traveling from home to school every day.

Well, one of the reasons why I chose to stay at a dormitory was to save both money and time.

It saves much time from traveling when I can use it to study and rest instead. I can also save the expense of paying the fare for commuting.

I’ll pay the money instead for the stay and my food, but I have my food allowance, so it’s another savings for me.


Dorm Beds

Before we jump right into the canopy making, you must first identify what type of bed you are currently using in your dormitory.


#1. Single bed

Single bed dormitory, as its name suggests, only has one bed for every room.

This type of room is usually for private or for VIP rooms.

You can decorate this one according to whatever theme you like if the management allows you to do so.


#2. Twin bed

A twin bedroom has two single beds located on opposing sides.

That means you will have a roommate, and there will only be the two of you.

You can agree with your roommate if you can decorate the room, but usually, half of it is yours, and half of it is for your roommate.


#3. Double bed

Double beds, on the other hand, can be a single standard size bed.

Usually, it has a 135 x 190 cm dimension.

It is also most commonly used by those who enjoy a spacious place to sleep in or by couples who have moved to university together.


#4. Bunk bed

A bunk bed is a double-deck bed that has a lower and upper bed.

These are the common dormitory beds in my dormitory.

It is also cheaper to rent a bed space than having a room for oneself only.


Steps To Make A Bed Canopy On A Dorm Bed

So, how to make a bed canopy on a dorm bed?

Well, for most, you are going to need several materials for this project.


Step #1. Materials

Prepare the following necessary materials:


#1. Fabric/curtain

If you have a fabric or a ready-made curtain, the better.

This will be your canopy later.


#2. Pins and tacks

If you don’t plan on ruining your ceiling, use pins and thumbtacks instead of a drill.

You may want to use some hooks also.


#3. Tape measure

We’ll be using this to measure the fabric necessary for the project.


#4. Miscellaneous

These are your add-ons like fairy lights, garland, and other decorations for the canopy.


Step #2. Making

After having the materials, you will have to decide on a design for the canopy.

Will it be a tent-style, wreath, curtain cover, princess style, or any other else.

After choosing one, from the top of the mead, measure the distance from it to the bottom of your mattress.

May it be from the center top of the ceiling or the sides of the ceiling where your bed is underneath.

Next is to compare the measurement with the fabric available.

If it does, attach the end of the fabric to the ceiling using either pins, thumbtacks, or a hook.

Let the fabric hang down from the ceiling.

You can put the other ends of the curtain at the edges of the bed or just let it rest near the headings.


Step #3. Add-ons

You can add some fairy lights to the canopy if you want.

Some flowers or some glow-in-the-dark stars.


My Experience

As I have mentioned earlier, I also made a bed canopy when I was still in college.

I had some fabric from my mom’s dress shop, and I used my creative mind to make it.

What I did was. I made a small hoop out of a bamboo stalk, a wire will also do.

I sewed the last end of the fabric to the hoop and added some strings to it.

I used curtain hooks to hang my canopy.

I placed it on the center ceiling of my bed and attached the other end around my bed’s edges.

It added personalization and privacy at the same time.

It was a fun and creative idea to decorate my dorm bed which others decided to do also.



Now that you know how to make a bed canopy on a dorm bed, I hope you can decide what design you will make yours.

There are various ideas available on the internet.

But those ideas will not be realized and made into reality without letting your creative mind work.

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