How To Make A Bed Bug Trap? 7 Simple And Easy To Learn Steps!

How to make a bed bug trap?

It would be a great feeling to take a relaxing and refreshing sleep after an exhausting day at work or school.

how to make a bed bug trap

However, something is stopping you from counting sheep, and they are bed bugs.

Bed bugs usually attack their hosts at night.

They can be pretty annoying and sometimes thought of as just mosquitoes.

A bed bug bite would look like a red itch bump with a dark center and swelling in the surrounding area.

It may be small red bumps or welts that have a zigzag pattern.

The good thing is that bed bugs do not carry disease or cause any health issues.

A misconception to some is that they will go away on their own.

However, this is not like the other pests.

Bed bugs can be an absolute nightmare and a problem if there is no immediate action.


Steps To Make A Bed Bug Trap

Other than having ways on how to get rid of bed bugs.

You could also create a trap to prevent them from snooping around your things.

Bed bug trap works, but don’t be carefree enough that this will put an end to your bed bug problems.

A bed bug trap has the benefit that can reduce the number of bed bugs.

Some can be reusable, and you can monitor the bed bugs in your home

Preventing an infestation from happening.

Despite the benefits it has, it does not stop the infestation and catches most bed bugs.

The trap can only detect those crawling on the ground.

If you would like to know how to make a bed bug trap, here are the steps:


Step #1. Materials needed

To make your DIY bed bug trap, you’ll be needing:

Sugar, yeast, tissues, tape, a pair of scissors or a blade, and a plastic bottle (you may reuse any plastic bottle you have).


Step #2. Prepare the bottle

Using a 1.5L or 2L empty plastic bottle of soft drinks, cut the top part of the bottle using scissors or a blade.

You may use the top part of the label as the mark where to cut.

Make sure you clean it first before using it.


Step #3. Cover with tissue

Bed bugs can’t crawl on plastic since this can be slippery for them.

Cover around the bottle with tissues and tape it.

Leave some tissue hanging on the top of the bottle and fold it inward.


Step #4.  Insert the top of the bottle

Take the top part of the bottle you’ve cut and put it inside the lower leg.

Make sure that there is no plastic sticking out.


Step #5.  Making the carbon dioxide solution

Grab your sugar and yeast solution.

Then, start mixing your sugar and yeast solution.

The yeast produces carbon dioxide when feeding on sugar.

This carbon dioxide will help attract bed bugs to the trap.

In a container, put two cups of sugar and add 2 liters of warm water.

Use water that does not have any chlorine in it.

Then, add the yeast, about half a teaspoon.

Set it aside and wait for the yeast to activate.

If you notice it looks foamy, then your solution is done.

It is also optional to put a cocktail consisting of nonanal and 1-often-3-oil, spearmint oil, or Egyptian oil.

These scents will make your DIY trap more effective.

But a simple sugar and yeast solution will be enough work, too.


Step #6. Putting the solution

Get the bottle trap you made and remove the top part you inserted.

Pour enough solution into the bottle, about a quarter amount, don’t fill the bottle.

Return the top part you inserted in the bottle.


Step #7.Test your trap

Put your DIY bed bug trap where you mostly see bed bugs.

Make sure you put it in a place where you won’t knock it over.

Place it overnight, and you might see bed bugs in the morning.

If you won’t find any bed bugs in the trap, that means there are no bed bugs.

Try moving it to another place and wait.

Bed bugs usually come if they are hungry.

Bed bug traps are helpful to warn the homeowner if any bed bugs are lurking around their house.

Remember that the trap does not kill bed bugs.

Instead, it warns homeowners that there might an infestation happen.

With that, an infestation of bed bugs can be easily prevented in the early stages and quickly terminated.

Traps act as a detector.

Bed bugs are attracted by the smell, causing them to climb inside the bottle and have difficulty getting out.

If you are sleeping uncomfortably and think that there might be bed bugs, try making this trap.

As soon as you find bed bugs in your place, call a bed bug exterminator to control the infestation that might happen.

You may do it your own, but in more severe conditions, professional help is more advised.



You now know “how to make a bed bug trap?”

You can try to make your own based on the guide we have given.

To make sure no bed bugs are staying in your home, clean your bed, wash your sheets and clothes that might have bed bugs.

Be responsible enough and take action.

Then, you’ll be getting that good night’s sleep you wanted without any pests disturbing your sleep.

Learn more about bed bugs in this article.

Regardless, thanks for stopping by!

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