How To Make A Barbie Bed? 5 Easy Steps to Make!

Are you interested in dolls and wondering how to make a barbie bed?

You must have skillful hands and a creative mind to create a beautiful one.

how to make a barbie bed

One of the typical toy that girls like are dolls.

It is very usual for a girl to have at least one doll in her room.

Barbie is one of the famous dolls in the market.

Sometimes you can buy this doll alone or with some freebies like a make-up kit and sometimes with a barbie bed.

However, if you are short on money and can’t afford to have the barbie.

That is not a problem; you can make your own.

In this article, we will talk about the steps to make a barbie bed.

If you are interested and want to learn, keep reading and make your barbie bed.


Steps To Make A Barbie Bed

Barbies are fashion dolls launched in 1959 by the manufacturing company Mattel, Inc.

These dolls usually have fancy dresses and beautiful makeup.

The dolls are usually played with a playhouse where girls talk to the dolls and sometimes let them take a specific task like cooking, playing, and sleeping.

However, only several people can afford to have a playhouse for barbies.

Even a bed for a barbie can be expensive for others.

In that case, all you have to do is to improvise and find a way to achieve your dream barbie bed for your doll.

Keep diving in to learn.


Steps To Make A Barbie Bed

So, how to make a Barbie bed?

Here are the following:


Step #1. Find useful materials for your barbie bed

There are many materials that you can use to make your barbie bed.

You can use cardboard, styrofoam, or even wood.

It depends on your preference and your craftmanship.

The said materials above can be your primary material for your bed, the base of the bed.

Bear in mind that the barbie doll that will be lying on the bed has fancy dresses so you have to match it with the bed with the decoration of the bed.

That is why decorating materials are necessary for the making process.

Art materials are very useful in decorations.

These materials are not limited to art material only.

Some sewing materials like excess fabrics and threads to make the bed.

The limit in this making process is your imagination.

The creative you are, the wonderful the outcome.


Step #2. Determine the measurements of the barbie doll

The measurements mentioned above are the height and the width of the body of the barbie.

These measurements are essential to creating a proportional bed for the doll.

It would be disastrous if the height or width of the doll doesn’t fit on the bed.

Take a measuring tool like a tape measure or ruler and measure the barbie.

Record the measurements obtained and adjust them.

Acquired measurements will be the basis for the dimensions of the bed.

Just add the length of your preference to the obtained measurement for proportionality.

You can choose the height of the bed on your preference.

Always consider the proportion of the bed to the barbie for better results.


Step #3. Design the frame of the bed

After obtaining the dimensions of the bed, you can now design the frame of the barbie bed.

Depending on your taste, you can create a bed that portrays elegance, simplicity, etc.

The creativity of the maker is crucial in this stage of the process.

Use your imagination in designing the bed for a great result of the bed.

Aside from the primary part of the frame, you can add additional sections of the bed such as the headboard and footboard.

You can design it to add life to the bed.

Make your imagination flow within you and create a great masterpiece for your barbie.


Step #4. Construction of the designed framework of the bed

As discussed above, you can choose the material utilized for your barbie’s bed.

It could be out of cardboard, styrofoam, or wood.

Cut the material you used based on the obtained dimension of the bed for your barbie.

Always take precautions in using cutting tools.

In addition, construct the designed bed by applying glue or what material you have to attach the cut sections for the bed.

If you used styrofoam or wood and have cut the material and have a whole framework, you do not have to glue it.

However, it is advisable to cut the bed into sections for easier cutting and effortless work on the minute details of the design.


Step #5. Decorating the bed

This step is the final step in the process.

Use the art materials that you have to decorate the bed.

The advised material for the beddings of the designed bed is excess foams and fabrics.

These can make your bed more realistic.

If the said materials are not available, you can use alternative materials like art papers and styrofoams.

Sewing skills can be very helpful in designing beddings.

Exceptional sewing skills can create beautiful and more sophisticated beddings for the barbie bed.

Although sewing skills have an impact on the outcome

This doesn’t mean that without the skill mentioned, you can’t guarantee to have a beautiful bed for your barbie.

As said above, it depends on your imagination and creativity on how you will execute the steps and make your barbie bed.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that it helped you acquire knowledge on making a barbie bed.

The important thing that has to keep in mind is that you are the one that makes your barbie bed.

You have the freedom to create a barbie bed that suits your taste and will satisfy yourself.

May you have gained knowledge from the above information that will help you to have your barbie bed.

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