How To Make A Backdrop For Wedding Reception

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to make a backdrop for wedding reception using pipes? This easy tutorial will help you make a gorgeous wedding backdrop to make the reception or head table pop out more. 

We have also included some wedding backdrop ideas, so continue reading below. And if you also don’t know what to do with your wedding arch, refer to how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric

how to make a backdrop for wedding reception


How To Make A Backdrop For Wedding Reception: Easy DIY Backdrop Tutorial

  1. Check the venue size and plan where you’ll use the wedding backdrop; will it be around the perimeter of the reception, or do you only want to cover the area behind the head table, for example
  2. Set up two stands parallel each other; there are pipe backdrop kits readily available for purchase, so you only need to find the one that matches your wedding venue theme and, of course, budget
  3. Secure the crossbar between the stands and insert the fabric for the backdrop; select a color and material that complements the wedding reception but won’t take the attention away from what’s in the front of it, like the head table or cake table
  4. Find the adjustment setting for the stands and raise them accordingly


How To Make A Wedding Backdrop With PVC Pipe

If you don’t want to purchase a pipe kit, you can make a wedding reception backdrop at home with PVC pipes. This will need some tools, so make sure that you’re familiar with basic crafts or ask someone who can assist you. 


PVC backdrop frame

  1. Prepare eight pieces of PVC pipes around 1 and ½ feet long and insert a cap on each of their ends 
  2. Prepare two pieces of 2-feet long PVC pipes and insert each into a cross connector 
  3. Put a T-connector to one of the pipes in the previous step and have one of the shorter pipes on the opposite end of the T-connector
  4. Insert two shorter PVC pipes into the remaining holes on the cross connector to end up with the T-shape and repeat to make another T-shape 
  5. For the height of the wedding backdrop, cut a 6-foot long PVC pipe 
  6. Construct the base so you’ll have the two T-shaped pipes with a long rod attached to the top
  7. Finish by cutting the bar that connects the two vertical parts of the frame according to the length of the fabric backdrop with 6 inches of allowance
  8. Then, add an elbow to the vertical rods for this bar to connect the frame


Backdrop drape

  1. Prepare the fabric for the wedding reception backdrop; you can also read what fabric is used for wedding draping to familiarize yourself with more materials you can use
  2. Sew a seam to the fabric for better security or use double-sided tape
  3. Take the top bar off from one side and push the fabric through, similar to installing a curtain
  4. Adjust the fabric accordingly so it won’t look too flat
  5. Add another panel of fabric depending on how translucent you want your wedding backdrop to be


How To Prepare A Fabric Backdrop For A Wedding

  1. You can recolor your fabric for the wedding fabric by soaking it in a dye solution
  2. Rinse the dyed fabric and allow it to air dry outside
  3. Iron the material and cut it according to the needed size
  4. Experiment with different colors, transparency, textures, sheerness, and shimmers of fabrics with the wedding backdrop


How Do You Make A Cheap Backdrop For A Wedding?

Cheap wedding backdrops are possible if you can hang a rod on the wedding reception ceiling. You can reuse a curtain or shower rod at home, so you’ll only need to buy the cloth, zip ties, glue, string lights, and some flowers for decor. 

  1. Hung the rod on the reception ceiling securely; you can also install hooks and fishing line to the ceiling for hanging the rod 
  2. Drape string lights over the rod and secure with tape
  3. Hang your first translucent backdrop fabric on the rod and drape the tulle over it
  4. Wrap a garland or flower decors across the top to make the backdrop more bridal 


Outdoor Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Canopy with vines and fabrics for a beach wedding
  • Wedding arch with flowers and lights for a garden wedding
  • White folding screen with intricate details for an outdoor winter wedding 
  • Glass backdrop with wooden panels for a rustic camp wedding
  • Decorate a tree and get married in front of it
  • Use the outdoor gazebo
  • Utilize the outdoor venue and use it as the wedding backdrop as is


Indoor Wedding Backdrop Ideas

  • Decorated wall
  • Chandelier
  • Rustic door
  • Repurposed dividers
  • Fabric panels
  • Wedding sofa sets
  • Picture backdrop


How Can I Make A Homemade Wedding Backdrop Decoration?

  • Find curtains and sheets you can use as draping
  • Repurpose home decors like flowers and lights 
  • Use curtain or shower rods for the backdrop
  • Get crafty with doors, doorframes, dividers, or cabinets



And that’s it! We just learned how to make a backdrop for wedding reception using kits and PVC pipes for DIY.

Another quick way is to secure a curtain rod on the ceiling if it’s an indoor venue. Otherwise, you’ll need to build a frame for the drape or utilize the outdoor venue as your wedding backdrop. 

We hope this tutorial was easy; let us know below your dream wedding reception backdrop!

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