How To Make A Baby Shower Scrape Book

A baby shower scrape book is a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion of a new arrival. Not only is it fun and easy to make, but it can also be a very personal keepsake for the parents-to-be.

In this blog post, we will show you how to make your own baby shower scrape book in just a few simple steps.

How To Make A Baby Shower Scrape Book


Ways on How To Make A Baby Shower Scrape Book

-To make a baby shower scrape book, you will need:


Glue stick

-Construction paper in various colors

-Photos of the expectant mother and her friends and family

-Baby items (optional)

The first step is to choose the photos you want to use. You can either scan them or take digital pictures. If you are using old photos, make sure they are in good condition and that there is enough space on each one for writing. Once you have your photos ready, it’s time to start cutting out the shapes. 

Most scrapbooking enthusiasts use a variety of shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, stars, hearts, and flowers. However, you can use any shape you want.

Next, you will need to decide on the layout of your scrape book. You can either go with a traditional design or come up with something more creative.

Once you have settled on a design, it’s time to start sticking the photos and shapes onto the construction paper. Use a glue stick for this step – it dries quickly and doesn’t leave any residue behind. 

If you are using baby items in your scrapbooks, such as booties, rattles, or pacifiers, be sure to glue them down too.

When you’re finished, give the scrape book a final once-over to make sure everything is securely glued down. Then sit back and admire your work. As an expectant mother, there’s no doubt that you will cherish this scrapbook long after the baby shower is over.


How Do You Start The First Page Of A Baby Scrapbook?

One of the first things you need to do before starting a baby scrapbook is select the album. You will want to choose one that is specifically for babies or has a lot of blank pages so you can start fresh. Once you have chosen your album, gather some supplies. 

This includes photos, stickers, markers, and anything else you might want to use to document your child’s life during their first year.

Now it’s time to get started with creating the first page of your baby scrapbook. The best way to begin a baby scrapbook is by creating an index page. On this page, list the name of your child and the date they were born. 

Underneath each heading, include as many sub-headings as needed such as birth announcement, hospital pictures, first smile, etc. As you add pages to your scrapbook, simply add the appropriate date and title to your index page.

This is just a basic guide on how to start a baby scrapbook. Be creative and have fun with it. Add photos, drawings, poems—whatever you want. The sky’s the limit when it comes to documenting your child’s first year of life. Happy scrapping!


What Size Of Baby Scrapbook Is Best?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on your personal preferences and how much scrapbooking you plan on doing. Some people prefer smaller books that are easier to carry around, while others prefer larger books that can hold more photos and memories.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend a 12×12 inch book. This size is perfect for beginners because it’s not too small or too large, and it gives you plenty of space to work with. Plus, most scrapbooking supplies are designed to fit this size perfectly.

If you already have some experience in scrapbooking, you may want to consider a bigger book like an 18×24 inch album. This will give you plenty of room to add lots of photos and creative embellishments. Just be sure to have enough storage space to store your finished album.

No matter what size you choose, make sure the baby scrapbook is something that you’ll enjoy using and will be happy to look at for years to come. After all, it’s a record of your child’s earliest memories.


Can You Make A Baby Scrapbook Without Pictures?

Yes, you can make a baby scrapbook without pictures. In fact, many parents choose to do this because they want to fill the scrapbook with text and memorabilia instead of photos. If you decide to go this route, be sure to include all the important details about your child’s birth and early life. 

You can also include news clippings, hospital discharge papers, or other mementos from your child’s first year. Don’t forget to add captions to explain what each item means.

If you do include photos, be selective and choose the best ones. You don’t need to include every single picture that was taken during your child’s first year. Instead, choose a few images that capture your baby’s personality and development.

Assemble your photos into a collage or photo album, and write captions to explain each one. Don’t forget to date them.

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