3 Easy Steps On How To Macrame A Chair Bottom 

Most people want to learn how to macrame a chair bottom, but there are only a few guides on doing it. Luckily, we are here to explain the process concisely and creatively.

So, worry no more! We got you covered. Seat tight, relax and let your imagination take place as we go along this article.


Working On Your Chair Bottom

Macrame is a rising habit for many artists and artisans out there. Crafty people spend their time tying knots and connecting yarns that eventually form a unique and beautiful pattern.

However, this activity is not just for entertainment and relaxation. It is also used by many for start-up businesses and house decoration. Macrame products could be used as house decoration, plant holders, and chair bottoms.

However, how do you make one? Here’s what you should do:


Step #1. Preparation

Before weaving your macrame, you have to make sure that you have all the materials needed for a macrame chair bottom. You do not want to have an unfinished product just because you don’t have the complete materials.

For a macrame chair bottom, you would need macrame cords. The length of the rope would depend on how big your chair is. You can also decide on what color the yarns should be.

Additionally, it is essential that you have crochet hooks, chair frames, scissors, lighter, and macrame patterns. After having these materials, you can proceed to the next step.


Step #2. Remove old cover

Before you can have a frame chair alone, there has to be no fabric cover on the bottoms. Remove the fabric cover by cutting it out or ripping it off. You cannot put your macrame yarn if the base is still covered.

Once done, clean the whole frame and sand if you want to smoothen the edges before proceeding to the last and final step.


Step #3. Start weaving

Reading this guideline means you already have a background of how to do a macrame. The only difference is that this time, we will be weaving a chair’s bottom.

If you have your materials and frame ready, you can start doing your chair’s macrame bottom. Create a double square knot at the straight part of the chair. Leave six inches excess on the tail of the knot.

Remember that you will only weave the straight edges and keep the round corners uncovered. Please make your first vertical loop by connecting it to the opposite side. Make sure that you clinch the cord tight on the opposite side.

Continue making your loop until the vertical cords cover the chair entirely. When you have finished looping, cut the last strand of the rope and lock it. You can do it by melting the last strand with a flame.

After vertically covering the chair, it’s time to weave it horizontally. The process is the same with vertical looping. You may opt to use other yarn colors to add creativity and fun to your new chair bottom.


How Much Time Does It Take To Weave A Chair Bottom?

To answer this question, you must depend on the length of your string. A longer string obviously means a longer weaving time.

However, to give you a direct answer, it usually takes 8-12 hours of weaving for beginners. However, this answer is not for all since you can divide your time and weave whenever convenient. For some, it could take weeks and months.


Best Yarns For Macrame

You don’t want to waste your time making a macrame with the use of low-quality yarns. Do your best with the best materials such as the following:


White macrame cord by Stillness Crafts 

This type of cord is composed of 80% polyester, while the remaining parts are made up of cotton. This yarn is soft and smooth to use for either multiple small projects or big ones.


Cotton macrame rope by Crafteza 

This yarn is best for your Bohemian-themed products. This cord is undyed, natural, and 100% cotton.


Organic hemp strong

This cord’s natural fibers make it durable and robust to carry heavy objects. At the same time, this yarn contains no chemicals and toxic compounds.


Hemp cord spool

This type of cord comes in different colors and is also considered to be solid and robust.


Different Macrame Patterns

Explore different macrame patterns and challenge your creativity as you try making the following weaving patterns.


Macrame keychains

This little macrame can be your new gift to a friend as it is effortless to do. At the same time, you will only need a short length of yarns.


Dream catcher

Give your wall a new look by hanging your macrame dream catcher that can come in different sizes and colors.



Add sophistication to your windows, or use these macrame curtains as dividers to give you and your company some privacy.



You could do many things with yarns, and one of them is to learn how to macrame a chair bottom. By following these easy steps, you can add chic and aesthetic to your home decorations. Don’t miss out and start making your macrame now!

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