How To Lose Weight For Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

Those who want to know how to lose weight for a wedding can consider dieting the safest but most effective method. We will also discuss everything to expect with weight loss for the wedding, such as how soon you must start and how much weight you can lose realistically. 

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how to lose weight for wedding


How To Lose Weight Fast For Wedding: The Best And Safest Secret

The secret to losing fat is creating a wedding diet. Remember that what we eat influences weight loss more than the intensity of our exercises. 

Furthermore, the key to effectively shedding fat is consuming only the calories you can burn. You risk getting discouraged trying to burn too many calories by increasing exercise. 

Remember that it’ll be unrealistic for the bride or groom to exert a massive amount of time working out in their schedules as there is a lot to prepare for a wedding. Therefore, focus on what you’re eating by cutting calories to promote weight loss and achieve your desired weight on your wedding day. 


How do I lose weight realistically for my wedding?

  • Improve the diet you eat by omitting high-sugar and high-fat food items and replacing them with cleaner ingredients such as fruits and vegetables
  • Choose low-fat meat and dairy products and limit your carbohydrate intake
  • Manage the portions you eat until you can adjust to consuming smaller meals
  • Be mindful of the calories you’re eating, including those in drinks and beverages
  • Be patient with yourself and introduce these eating habits slowly until you get used to them
  • Manage cravings by eating filling foods such as high-fiber recipes
  • Try alternative and healthier recipes to your favorite meals, so you won’t feel restricted and at risk to break your diet out of frustration
  • Cook more at home than eating out or ordering takeouts
  • Stick to a schedule for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Make sure you’re always hydrated and getting at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Besides healthy eating, keep active by having at least a 25-minute aerobic exercise thrice a week 
  • Have your partner on this lifestyle change with you so you can motivate each other


What should you not eat the week of your wedding to lose weight?

To reduce weight more effectively, you must maintain your healthy eating habits even on the week of your wedding. Understandably, the closer the wedding day gets, the more stressful you feel, making you crave unhealthy snacks and break your clean eating streak. 

You might also arrange and meet with different people, such as wedding vendors, which can cause you to skip meals. So to anticipate these potential setbacks, consider meal prep or keep easy and quick-to-cook ingredients in your fridge.

The key is eating before you get super hungry that cravings become harder to manage. Still, avoid high-sugar and high-fat snacks like candies, chips, sodas, alcoholic beverages, or fast food because they can also negatively affect your mood and skin. 

Instead, fill your pantry with ingredients that you can quickly whip into a healthy but filling recipe, such as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, salmon, chicken breast, turkey, Greek yogurt, nuts, berries, and oats.  


When to start losing weight for my wedding?

You can start losing weight for your wedding as early as a year to six months before the expected wedding day. Six months before your wedding is a realistic starting point because you have probably secured most of the wedding elements and details compared to starting your weight loss journey a year before your wedding. 

Another advantage of starting six months before the wedding day is that you have enough time to go slow and adapt to your lifestyle change without any pressure. You’ll see results at a healthy pace rather than being frustrated with your habits but still not seeing any fat change. 

What can you do in these six months? 

  • Restrict your diet to 1,500 calories per day or talk with your doctor about their recommendation
  • Exercise to burn 500 calories per day if you want to lose a pound or two per week 
  • Switch to water only and never consume sugary drinks like soda
  • Maintain a regular sleeping routine

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Can I Lose Weight Fast For My Wedding?

Setting a realistic expectation for wedding weight loss is vital to avoid feeling frustrated and potentially stop your lifestyle changes. And if you want a reasonable number, to begin with, most people can lose one pound per week. 


How can I slim myself 2 weeks before my wedding?

  • Track what you eat but don’t put yourself on a drastically different diet two weeks before the wedding
  • Stay active even with simple physical activities such as walking or doing home workouts
  • Consider an RF treatment if you want to slim down your face 



And that’s it! You just learned how to lose weight for wedding healthily, safely, and realistically. 

The answer is dieting because eating only the calories we can burn is more effective for weight loss than exercising and burning many calories. It’s also important to sleep well and keep active to support fat loss six months before your wedding day. 

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