How To Loom Knit A Baby Blanket In 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that learning how to loom knit a baby blanket only requires three steps? Using the loom to make a knitted baby blanket is very beginner-friendly, and you can finish it reasonably quickly. We’ll also talk about the yarn and stitches you’ll need for loom knitting a blanket this big. 

And after you finish this project, you can also check out our best tips on how to cast off a loom blanket. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start knitting a baby blanket!

how to loom knit a baby blanket


How To Loom Knit A Baby Blanket For Beginners


1. Prepare your loom

This project produces a square baby blanket measuring 25 by 25 inches. You will need two skeins of yarn, and you can expect to finish the blanket in under an hour. Feel free to adjust its size accordingly. 

Much like when doing other projects, make a slip knot on your yarn and place it on the loom’s starter peg. Wrap the yarn around each peg throughout the whole length of the loom in a clockwise direction. Turn the loom and do the same on the back pegs, but remember to wrap in the opposite direction on the last peg. 


2. Knit off your stitches

Wrap the yarn on each peg for a second time, but this time, in the opposite direction or counterclockwise.  Then, knit off your stitches using the hook. Slide it under the vertical starter peg and lift the bottom wrap over the top wrap. The stitch will fall on the peg’s backside, and this is how you knit off. 

Repeat the process throughout the front and back pegs to finish your first row of stitches. This makes loom knitting much more straightforward than working stitches for projects like blankets. At this point, you’ll continue wrapping and knitting off the loom until you finish around 100 rows. 


3. Finish the blanket

You are close to finishing the baby blanket. Cut off the working yarn and thread it to a needle. Use this same needle to pull the stitch off the vertical starter peg. 

Work the same on each peg to finish this stitch row. To close off the blanket, make a knot on your working yarn at the end of the row. Cut off the excess, and you’re done. 


Can You Make A Baby Blanket With A Loom?

As you have read, you can knit a baby blanket with a loom. The process is even more straightforward and quicker, so it’s beginner-friendly. You don’t need to master stitch work, and your fingers are less tired because you’re only wrapping pegs repeatedly. 

An argument that you probably hear often is loom knitting is considered cheating. However, this isn’t valid because knitting on a loom is still knitting. If you think about it, you still use your hands when doing the project, so feel free to loom knit a baby blanket for a more straightforward and guilt-free process. 

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Loom Knit A Baby Blanket?

You can make a square baby blanket with dimensions of 25 by 25 inches using two skeins of yarn. The amount of yarn you’ll need for loom knitting will depend on the size and type of baby blanket, so adjust accordingly. A helpful tip to remember is that if you’re using a thicker yarn, expect that the blanket will also need fewer because of the resulting bigger stitches. 

What yarn should I use for a baby blanket?

Keep in mind that the baby blanket should be soft and breathable. Therefore, you can use cotton and acrylic if you find wool itchy. You also want to use fibers that are easy to wash and are reasonably durable to last long. 

How Many Stitches Do I Need To Knit A Baby Blanket?

You can knit a baby blanket by casting on 133 stitches or more. Remember that the number of stitches you cast on dictates the final width of the baby blanket. If you need a total of 134 stitches for the baby blanket pattern, you can cast on 133 stitches or more. 

You can also knit a swatch to know how many stitches you’ll need to do for a specific baby blanket pattern. Follow the designer’s gauge, so you’ll know if you knit at a certain tension. Measure the stitches you did in the swatch and compute from there. 

Can You Make A Blanket With A Knitting Loom?

It’s possible to use a knitting loom to make a blanket. Remember that loom knitting also includes single and double knitting besides circular knitting that creates tubular projects. However, did you know that you can also learn how to loom knit a blanket on round loom?

To select the best knitting loom for your blanket, remember that the peg size and spacing will affect the pattern’s gauge. If you want something fine and tight, opt for thinner pegs that are positioned close to each other. On the contrary, more oversized pegs spaced apart create bulky knitting. 


Loom knitting isn’t cheating! In conclusion, learning how to loom knit a baby blanket is a faster and easier way to make a baby blanket. You will only need two skeins of yarn to make a 25 by 25 inch blanket. 

The process is essentially wrapping and knitting off pegs. However, remember that the knitting loom you’ll use will affect the gauge of the blanket.