How To Look Good In Wedding Photos: 6 Secrets

If you want to know how to look good in wedding photos, consider these six tricks to ensure that your wedding photography will go by smoothly. We’ll help you feel confident when posing for a wedding photo while also guiding you to look your best in wedding photos. 

And if you don’t know what to expect with how they should look, continue reading. Additionally, we recommend reading how to pose for wedding pictures for some ideas you can practice. 

how to look good in wedding photos


How To Look Good In Wedding Photos: 6 Tips To Looking Your Best In Wedding Pictures


Choose a photographer

Wedding photography should convey what the couple wants to exhibit, what style they should emanate according to personal aesthetics, and more. Therefore, choosing a good wedding photographer is as essential as picking a wedding dress. 

Find a photographer that suits the style you want for your wedding photos. You can ask for recommendations, browse different portfolios, and check the reviews of other wedding photographers. 


Practice wedding photography

To have beautiful-looking wedding pictures, it would help if you practice posing. You don’t have to mimic how other couples look; instead, you will start by checking how you smile, stand, sit, or your general demeanor for portraits. 

You will discuss with your photographer the types of photos you’d want for your wedding, so it should be easy to know what poses and looks to practice. You can also do an engagement shoot to be comfortable with your spouse in front of the camera.


Look for a comfortable venue

You will look great if you feel good; that being said, the environment is an influential factor to consider when taking wedding photos. For example, what places in the venue and reception do you like best and feel will be exceptional when you look back on your pictures. 

You might also talk with the venue coordinator so they can arrange the lighting and set up and make the space even more flattering. If it’s a destination wedding you’re having, then take advantage of the new location and get creative to have unique but lovely wedding photos. 


Get confident with your looks 

While it’s easier said than done, you should practice feeling confident to have great wedding photos. Sit down and think about what boosts your confidence to get started.

Perhaps having your makeup and wardrobe styling will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. How you carry yourself can also help you realize that you’re good-looking, so try body language proven to help with confidence. 


Sleep well before your wedding day 

We will only feel and look beautiful if we are well-rested. Aim to sleep at least eight hours the night before the wedding, as sleep deprivation can affect your mood and your skin’s appearance. 

Wedding photos will look great if you’re not feeling lethargic or anxious, and getting good rest should help you set your mood and outlook for the big day. You can also consider a relaxation technique if you feel overwhelmed, especially when the camera is on you. 


Be natural when posing for pictures

Looking great and mastering photographs well does not mean you must copy other people’s wedding photos. Instead, the more natural you are, the better you will look in wedding photography. 

Of course, you should still look for unflattering angles and postures, but if you feel stiff and robotic, they will show in the pictures. This is why practice is essential, so you’ll pose more naturally since they have become ingrained in your body language. 


How Do You Become Photogenic At A Wedding?

  • Discuss how you want your wedding photos to look like and what you want to convey to your wedding photographer
  • Practice posing in front of the mirror
  • Wear clothes you’re confident in
  • Know your flattering angles
  • Have the venue set up to get flattering lighting
  • Consider having someone guide you while having your photos taken
  • Allocate time for wedding portraits, so they are not rushed
  • Do not shy away from having your photos taken candidly
  • Be natural and do not overdo anything
  • Eat and sleep well
  • Perfect your smile
  • Do poses that will conceal your insecurities 

Identify when to take wedding photos to know what to expect throughout the day with your photographer. 


How To Smile For Wedding Photos

  • Laugh genuinely by making jokes or doing silly things
  • Consider watching your favorite comedy video and take note of how you laugh naturally
  • Practice smiling in front of the mirror
  • Determine your best angle with your face by tilting your head in different ways
  • Smile with your teeth parted a bit
  • Be expressive with your eyes
  • To feel more confident, know how to whiten your teeth before the big event
  • Make sure your lips are moisturized



And that’s it! You just learned how to look good in wedding photos using six techniques. 

Choose a good photographer, practice wedding photography, find a comfortable venue, develop confidence, sleep well, and stay natural with your poses. We hope our tips for becoming photogenic and smiling for wedding photographs also helped; let us know below if you want more tricks regarding looking your best on your wedding day. 

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