How to Lock Swivel Mechanism on Recliner

Many people are moving to recliners because they offer a lot more comfort. When you buy one, it is important to make sure that the swivel mechanism is locked in place. Otherwise, the chair will tilt back and forth when you move around on it.

It can be difficult for some people to get up from this type of chair if there isn’t anything nearby to lean against. This post will go over how to lock the swivel mechanism on your recliner so that it stays put!


Steps on Locking Swivel Mechanism on Recliner

Step 1. Find the swivel mechanism on your recliner. It is usually located near the bottom of one leg, just below a foot rest if there is one.

Step 2. Lock it down by turning it in a clockwise direction until you can’t turn anymore. Be careful when making this adjustment because some chairs will not be able to have their feet level with each other once they’re locked which means that they may need an additional support for balance (such as placing them against a wall).

If you do find yourself needing something to lean up against while sitting in your chair, try putting another small object next to the front legs of the chair and then leaning back onto it so that both legs are supported at all times!

Step 3. Make sure that the foot rest is locked down in a way that they are secured and level with one another.

If your chair has an ottoman, place it on top of the leg rests to keep them from sliding out when you recline back.

Step 4. Lastly, make sure that if the feet are not touching or cannot be leveled due to how high up off of the ground you live (or how low), then using something like a phone book or other object can help slide underneath for support.


How do you stop a swivel recliner from turning?

It’s a simple matter of how much weight you have in the chair. If it is not sturdy enough, tilt your body forward and put both feet on the ground while leaning back onto the seat cushion so that all four legs are supported at all times! Make sure to lock down those footrests too before reclining for added safety.

If you’re using an ottoman or other elevated leg rest, make sure they are secured with something like a phone book so they don’t slide out from under you when you lean back into them.

You can also use whatever object is available to make up for height differences if necessary as well such as stacks of books! Lastly, try and maintain contact between your bottom and the surface it is sitting on by resting your feet or knees against it.

After you are secured, make sure to recline with caution and don’t fall back too far as this can increase the likelihood of injury! Always do so at a slow rate even if you think the seat will lock down, because there might be another way for things to collapse that’s not apparent when maneuvering from one position to the next.


How do you fix a swivel recliner?

Swivel recliners are great. They offer many benefits and help make the living room more comfortable, but how do you fix a swivel recliner if it needs repair?

It’s not uncommon for this type of chair to need some work over time as they’re moved around often and sometimes children use them without warning or permission! Usually, these chairs can be repaired with just an adjustment so don’t toss it out yet because there may still be life left in that old recliner.

See below how easy it is to adjust: Loosen screw on back side of seat base where screws hold knob together. Slide arm up or down until desired position reached then tighten screw under chair lever on rear side of seat base.


Here are a few hints on how to Prevent Swivel Mechanism From Locking up:

When chair is not in use, always tighten knob with screws and don’t let anyone sit or stand over the back of it when they’re playing games because this will cause the weight to pull down and lock the lever position that you just adjusted. It’s important for young children who may need help getting out as well so please be mindful!


Why Does my Recliner not Stay Reclined?

Sometimes the swivel mechanism gets locked up, which means the chair is stuck in one position and can’t move. This may happen if you tilt back too far or someone stands over it while playing games on TV because when they stand on recliner’s back lever, gravity pushes down with greater weight than usual causing lock-up to occur.

Make sure that there are no objects blocking the way of how stuff works before adjusting how tight knob screws should be by sliding arm either up or down until desired height reached then tighten screw under chair lever at base.

Always remember to let your kids know how important it is for them not to sit or stand over the rear side of where this handle sits so please watch out for these factors before it’s too late.


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