How To Light Williams Wall Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you have a wall heater by Williams at home or in your apartment and want to learn how to light Williams wall heater? This article will guide you on starting and give you tips that will help you. Lighting a Williams heater can be managed quickly and is not hard. You can surely do this job. 

The wall furnace by Williams operates by heating the thermostat to the burner, heating the furnace, and starting the fan. Then, the heated air came out from the louvers.

how to light Williams wall heater

After the desired temperature has been reached, the thermostat reads it and automatically shuts off the burner. Even if the burner is off, the fan will run until the heat is released from the furnace, then turns off when there’s no heat left. Are you ready to learn about lighting wall heaters, my friend? Please, continue reading.


Steps To Light The Wall Heater

Operating and lighting your wall heater is easy, but you must be careful to prevent yourself from any physical injury. Mishandling your heater can cause mild to severe damage to your house. But, before operating your heater, check if it has a gas leak. Turn the heater to the “off” position and wait for at least five minutes to clear out all the gas. If you smell gas on the heater, especially on the floor, do not proceed into lighting your heater and call a gas technician immediately.

The same goes if your heater was placed underwater, as some parts of this may not function well. Meanwhile, if your device has no gas leak, is not underwater, and is thoroughly checked, you can now proceed to light your heater. Please follow the steps on how to light Williams wall heater carefully.


Step #1. Set your wall heater

Locate your tank and open the valve. If you have installed another shut-off valve from your tank into the heater, you need to open it to run down the gas supply into your heater. After turning it on, open the access panel into the heater and set your temperature dial to the lowest setting. Then,  push the control knob and slowly turn the knob clockwise and set it to the pilot setting. 

After it’s in the pilot, continue to press the control knob for a few seconds, locate the igniter and push it repeatedly. If your igniter doesn’t function, try to loosen the wing nut that holds the pilot cover. By doing so, the combustion chamber opens. On the other hand, if your igniter does not ignite, you can use a match and place it on the burner. After its successfully lit, continue to press the control knob for a few minutes and slowly release the knob. Check if the burner is still lit, and if it goes out, repeat the process. 


Step #2. Set the temperature

Press the control knob slightly and turn it to the “on” position. Please, do not force to turn the knob, as the control knob in Williams needs to be pushed slightly to turn to be moved. Now that you have turned the heater on, you can set the temperature dial. Some temperature dials are located inside the control panels, while others are located outside. After finding, set the temperature by turning the temperature dial clockwise or counterclockwise. Close the access panel and the wall furnace. The heater may take a few minutes to heat your room, but the heat will certainly comfort you, especially on cold days. It may also be a good idea to read about William wall heater troubleshooting.


Step #3 Turn off the heater

Turning off your heater is necessary as the steps to start your wall heater. Turning off your heater correctly will help you maintain your appliance and prevent accidents, especially since this type of heater is gas-powered. Open the access panel of your heater, locate the thermostat or temperature dial and set it to the lowest settings. Press the control knob, which is currently in the “on” position, move it to the “off,” and close the access panel. 


Tips To Maintain The Heater

Aside from operating your wall furnace correctly and learning how to turn it off perfectly, you also need to clean the burner and other parts of the furnace. Regular cleaning of your furnace will prevent dirt or rust in your heater from building up. So, set a date where you can clean the furnace and check if some parts need a replacement. On the other hand, installing a shut-off valve from your gas or tank will allow you to access the supply line, which will also help you in an emergency. If you have not, you might as well install it. In addition, if you notice that the flame changes from previous performances like it has a lazy or fast flame, check the chamber as it might have insufficient air or if it has too much pressure.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you have successfully learned how to light Williams wall heater, and you can now manage to start the heater by yourself. Note that lighting the heater may be an easier task, but know that improper handling of your heater may cause you physical injury, loss of property, or worse, loss of life. So, please handle your heater safely and cautiously. Hope his article helped you answer your question. You may also want to read about how to remove an electric wall heater and how to cover up a wall heater

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