How To Light Sparklers At Wedding In 2 Steps Safely

You only need to do two steps to learn how to light sparklers at wedding. This article will also share tips on how to safely light sparklers at a wedding so you can confidently enjoy these gorgeous handheld fireworks. 

But besides sparklers, the wedding venue itself should be strategically enlightened to control the atmosphere and overall feel of the location. After this article, we recommend what is uplighting wedding for additional lighting tips on your big day. 

how to light sparklers at wedding


How To Light Sparklers At Wedding Safely


Step 1. Do the safety precautions before lighting a sparkler at a wedding

  • Before anything else, make sure to go to a spot in an open area where there is no wind
  • Prepare butane lighters or a lighter that has the flame far from your hand like ignition propane lighters; never use matches, paper, or wooden sticks as they can burn too quickly while the sparkler itself takes longer to light up 
  • Check your surroundings one more time to ensure that nothing can potentially catch fire or that there are no pets or children in the wedding that may try to get the sparklers


Step 2. Start with one sparkler

  • Never attempt to light multiple sparklers at once as their spark discharge can be unpredictable
  • Start lighting one sparkler that one person will hold to start the distribution
  • When lighting one sparkler with yours, hold it with the tip slightly angled down to assist the flame
  • Have the wedding guests who are also holding sparklers in a line and light each other; this is also perfect for the wedding as there will be continuous sparklers working 
  • Make sure to adequately distance your hands from one another when lighting each sparkler
  • Target the tip and have the flame far from the wire handle of the sparkler when lighting another person’s sparkler f


What Do You Light Sparklers With?

The best thing to light a wedding sparkler with is a butane lighter. You can also use a propane torch or a barbecue grill lighter as long as it lights with the flame away from the hand.

Never use matches as they burn fast, and you risk injuring your hand. In addition, you might end up with two ignited items, which can be dangerous. 

Furthermore, you want a steady flame because a sparkler can take a while to get going. With a lighter, you can shut off the fire immediately rather than a match where you must extinguish it. 


Additional tips when lighting sparklers at a wedding

  • Light the top end of the sparkler then angle the tip down to help the sparkler get started if you find that it takes too long
  • After use, dispose of the sparklers correctly by submerging them in a bucket of water
  • Be careful when handling sparklers as they will be hot after usage
  • Allow the used sparklers to soak overnight, then roll them up inside a plastic bag while still damp
  • Throw the rolled sparkers in the trash securely


How Many Sparklers Do You Need For 100 Guests?

The number of sparklers you’ll need for a hundred guests is up to you. In most weddings, you can have one sparkler for each guest, but remember that some guests might not want to hold one, or some might leave earlier than the wedding exit where the sparklers are usually used. 

The size of the sparklers will also determine how much you’ll need. For example, in a 100-guest wedding, get 300 sparklers if you’re using a small or 10-inch sparkler, 200 sparklers if you’ll use a 20-inch sparkler, and 100 sparklers if you’re using something big like a 36-inch sparkler. 

Another way to compute is to get the number of guests and reduce it to 50. First, however, think of when you’ll use the sparklers as some couples also want them during the first dance and not just during their exit. 


What Size Sparklers Are Best For Wedding?

Similar to deciding on the number of sparklers you’ll need for the wedding, the size of sparklers to get is also up to you. However, several factors can affect this, such as your budget, how you plan to use them, and if the venue has size requirements for the sparklers.

For a 100-guest wedding, 20-inch wedding sparklers should be appropriate as the size is in the middle, and it burns for two minutes. But if you have more guests, you’ll want a 36-inch wedding sparkler because it will burn longer, perfect for photoshoots. 


Are Sparklers Safe At Wedding?

Sparklers, much like any other firework, should be used with caution. Their safety depends on the users, but there’s no reason not to have them if you truly want them for your wedding.

Just educate those who want to hold sparklers. Then, practice common sense from lighting them to disposing of them. 



And that’s it! We just discussed how to light sparklers at wedding, where you must use a lighter with a barrel to light them safely. 

Select an open but wind-free spot, then start with one sparkler at a time. The people holding them can then light each other. 

We also recommend reading how to run a wedding rehearsal to practice the wedding flow. This way, you’ll know the couple exit where the sparklers are usually lighted. 


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