How To Light Outdoor Propane Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to read up on how to light outdoor propane heater? Learn these four great steps that will help you operate your outdoor heaters! In addition, discover a few tips to maintain the performance of your heater and make it last longer than the standard lifespan! Are you ready, my friend? Then, let’s dive in!

Propane heaters are commonly used outdoors to warm the area or on the patio in countries with the winter season.

how to light outdoor propane heater

It helps homeowners go out and enjoy the night without worrying about the cold weather and allow them to stay for a while outside and be used any time of the day, making it very convenient. If you are planning to buy one or have an outdoor propane heater, then reading this will help you on your journey to learn to operate the heater. 


Steps To Light Outdoor Propane Heater

Many prefer using outdoor propane heaters to electric-powered heaters. Electric heaters are also sufficient and efficient. Some areas with winters have electric outages. In this case, electric heaters outside or inside the house can’t be used, so gas-powered heaters become one of the best options for them, aside from wood burning. Gas-powered heaters come in various brands and models, so some of these heaters have different ways to light the burner or start a flame. If you do not know how to light outdoor propane heater, this article got you covered! Please read and follow the steps carefully.


Step #1. Determine your heater

The first thing you have to do to determine how to light your heater is to check your manuals (if you have one) or to look for an ignition button which you can find near the control knob or on the lower part of the mesh screen. If you found an igniter button, you do not need to use a match or lighter to start a fire. On the other hand, you should light it if your heater doesn’t have an igniter. After checking the igniter button, review your compartment to see if it has a door or needs to be lifted to access or set your tank, then set up your heater.


Step #2. Attach the gas supply

As your heater is powered by gas, we need to attach the supply hose from your heater to the tank. Before that, place your heater inside or under the compartment to secure your tank and set it in place. Pull the supply hose, insert the tank under the heater, remove the propane tank valve, and insert the supply hose. 

Make sure the connection is tight to avoid a gas leak. Let’s check if the link has a gas leak by spraying a soap mixture into the connection. If you see bubbles on it, close the gas and attach them again. Meanwhile, if you have already attached them numerous times, maybe you need to replace your supply hose, but if the bubbles don’t appear, you are good to go. Please do not open the gas supply if you do not intend to light your heater. 


Step #3. Light the heater

Now that your gas supply is connected, we are going to light the heater. Turn on your heater and set the control knob into the “pilot position” if you have an igniter. It will allow small gas to flow into the heater to start a fire. After turning your knob to “pilot,” hold it for 30 seconds and push the igniter button. If your first ignition didn’t light your heater, repeat the process. If it’s successfully lit, hold the knob for an additional 30 seconds, release it slowly, and then turn it on counterclockwise to adjust the flame. 

On the other hand, if your heater does not support an igniter button, you need to light it manually by using a match or lighter. Please use the long match or lighter to prevent your hands from burning. After turning the gas supply, locate the regulator knob and turn it in the medium position. Light your match or lighter, place it in a mesh screen or burner, push the safety shut-off valve until the burner is lit, hold it for 30 minutes, and then release and adjust the flame.


Step #4. Turn off the heater

After using your heater, you must turn it off correctly. Turn your regulator or control knob to the off position and close the gas supply line. If you need to disconnect the tank from your heater, disconnect the hose and close the valve cap in the tank. Let the heater cool down for a few minutes and store them indoors. Some heaters have rain and wind protection, but you might keep them inside if you think the weather is heavy. You may also be interested to know about propane heater troubleshooting.


It’s A Wrap!

Your answer about how to light outdoor propane heater has been answered. Lightning your propane heater can be managed quickly and easily in a both-manually lit heater or has an igniter. Hope you have carefully followed and read each step with understanding. You may also want to read about how to heat a tent without electricity and how to turn on a patio heater

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