How To Light A Mr. Buddy Heater? 2 Easy Steps!

Are you not sure how to light a Mr. Buddy Heater? To light a Mr. Heater Portable Buddy, turn the control knob from the off position to the pilot position counterclockwise and push it down for 30 to 60 seconds.

Next, you have to release and push it down until the pilot lights up, holds for another 30 to 60 seconds, and releases the knob. The pilot light should stay lit. Turn the knob to the high position to light the heater and wait until the burner tile lights up orange before adjusting the heat output.

how to light a Mr. Buddy Heater

In this article, we will be going over the basics of what a Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is and the step-by-step procedure to turn it on and use it. We recommend that you read the heater’s owner’s manual to grasp its overall function and features. You will also know what safety rules to follow when using the Portable Buddy heater. Keep reading if you are excited about learning how to operate this handy, flexible, and portable appliance.


What Is A Mr. Buddy Heater

So what exactly is a Mr. Heater Portable Buddy? The answer to that question is simple. The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is an easy-to-use lightweight propane gas heater. It can give you the warm environment you are looking for in times of need by simply pushing a button. It is portable and can be brought with you during camping trips or when you’re out in the yard chilling on a cold Sunday evening. It can also serve as your emergency backup heater during a power outage. 

Before using this heater, you have to make sure that there is enough space around it that is free of combustible materials. The recommended clearance space is 30 inches above, 24 inches in front, and 6 inches at the sides. Ensure that you have read the safety instructions written in the owner’s manual for more details on operating the heater safely. When attaching the gas tank, make sure that there are no leaks and that the threads are correctly aligned. 

Propane tanks of 1 up to 40 lbs. can be used with the heater. If using more giant tanks, make sure that the hose is supported and that the tank is placed outdoors. The Portable Buddy also has a function wherein it turns off if tilted off-balance. This function adds more to your safety. Also, make sure that there is enough airflow and oxygen when using the heater. Avoid using it in airtight spaces. For the steps on how to light a Mr. Buddy heater, make sure you read this guide until the end.


Steps To Light A Mr. Buddy Heater

If you have a newly bought brand-new Portable Buddy heater, make sure that there are no damages to the unit when you take it out of the box. If there are signs of use or if it is in bad condition, talk with the retailer and tell them about your situation. After reading the owner’s manual, please keep it safe so that you can access it whenever you need to use it as a reference. Place the heater on a flat surface upright, and follow the steps elaborated below.


Step #1. Preparation and safety

The first step is to make sure that everything is ready. As mentioned earlier, make sure that there is enough clearance from anything combustible. Ensure that there is a clearance of 30 inches above, 24 inches front, and 6 inches at the sides of the heater. See that the heater is on a flat surface in its upright position. It would be best to use the heater where the air is free to come and go. Check for any leaks between the regulator and propane tank. Once everything is good, you can proceed. 


Step #2. Lighting the heater

The second step is to light the heater by putting the knob in the pilot position and pushing it down for 30 seconds up to a minute. Push the knob down again until the pilot lights up and stays. To light up the heater, turn the knob to the high position and leave it there until the burner tile lights up and heat is radiated. Once the burner tile lights up bright orange, you can only adjust the heat output to the desired amount.

Before storing the heater after use, allow it to cool down, and always disconnect the gas tank when not in use. Do you want to see the other heater models sold by Mr. Heater? You may also be interested to know about some common problems with Mr. Buddy Heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you for reading this article until the end. Hopefully, you have learned a lot about how to light a Mr. Buddy Heater. Remember always to read the owner’s manual to ensure that you are using the appliance correctly and safely. Be sure that the safety conditions are adequately met. Now that you know how to light your heater, you can stay warm and cozy. We appreciate your time and effort with us, and we look forward to being of help to you again in the future. Keep safe. You may also want to read about which heater is better and how a gas heater works.

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