How To Level Fridge? The Best Guide With 4 Steps Only!

Are you trying to know the answer to “How to level fridge?” Do not go anywhere, home buddy; this article is for you. Leveling your fridge will help a lot with its efficiency, and also it will keep your food and everything you put inside it in place. However, if you let the unit stand in a sloppy position, it will disrupt the process inside it, and possible accidents could occur. So, here are the steps you will encounter:

The process consists of removing the grille, locating the leveling features, using the level tool, and checking the fridge if it is balanced well.

how to level fridge

But of course, you cannot do this without the help of some tools, which we will discuss later in this article. Regardless, before we proceed, always remember to empty the fridge first so you can easily execute the steps. Well, without further ado, let’s discuss how you should level a fridge.


Leveling My Fridge With 4 Easy Steps

After reading the introduction about “How to level fridge?” you might be already curious about the process itself. But before we begin, you will need some materials to assist you. Here are they:

  • Screwdriver,
  • Wrench,
  • Instruction Guide, and
  • Leveling tool

Now, let’s proceed with the steps:


Step #1. Remove the grille

In leveling your fridge, you will need to remove the grill or kick plate in some models. With this, look for the screws and use your screwdriver to remove them safely. You can find some screws on the front part of the kick plate. Also, other fridges might require you to open the doors to remove the screws away. Afterward, remove the grille or kick plate by pulling it carefully towards yourself.

If you are doubting this step, you can refer to your instructional guide that came with your refrigerator to know the specific actions of removing the grille of the unit you have. When you already removed the grille, you can place it aside.


Step #2. Locate the leveling features

When you had already removed the grille or kick plate of your fridge, you are now ready to locate the leveling features of your fridge.

Some fridges have leveling features in the form of legs or rollers.

With this, you can find these leveling features on the back, front, or side of the grille that you had recently removed. Again, if you want to get things specific, you can refer to your fridge’s instruction guide to do things accordingly. After you had found the leveling features of your fridge, it is now time to adjust it using the following step.


Step #3. Using the level tool

In adjusting the height and placement of your fridge, you will be using the leveling features below the refrigerator itself. Also, you will need to use the level tool that I had asked you to gather. The level tool can be placed on top of your fridge to know a side is tilted or not.

Using the leveling features of your fridge, you can use the wrench to increase or decrease the height of the specific portion that does not follow the balance of your fridge. Also, check the size of the leveling features you had in your fridge. Likewise, it would help if you had a wrench that is adjustable to any size.

On the other hand, if your fridge had adjustable rollers, you can use the screwdriver to adjust the height of your fridge. To make things easier, to decrease the height of the leveling legs of your fridge, you can turn the wrench rightward. Otherwise, you turn it to the left to increase the size.

After you had adjusted your fridge, make sure to fasten all the leveling features that you had touched. This safety measure is to ensure that your fridge stands straight and will not topple over easily.


Step #4. Check the fridge if it is balanced well

When you already finished setting the height of the leveling features of your fridge, you must check if it is well-balanced. Using your level tool on top of the refrigerator, you can see the bubble if it tilts to either right or left.

If you had observed that the bubble is placed in the middle, you are now finished adjusting your fridge. Otherwise, go to the leveling features that cause the tilt of your level tool. Adjust them again, then check the level tool if the bubble is now balanced.

Also, you should test your doors if they are balanced too.



Great! You learned, “How to level fridge?” The process only consists of 4 easy steps that you can easily do. You need to have a screwdriver, wrench, your instructional guide of the fridge, and a level tool. The leveling process starts by removing the grille, locating the leveling features, using the level tool, and checking the fridge if it is balanced well.

But before you do follow the steps, remember to empty your fridge first so that the process is not difficult to perform.

That’s pretty much it! Before you proceed, you might want to scroll more and read another helpful article like this one. For instance, you might be curious about how heavy air conditioners are. If you have time, read that one.

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