How to Layer Curtains in One Rod With 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to layer curtains in one rod is a pretty simple venture. It is also a fantastic way of utilizing your single slot brackets. Save yourself from unnecessary expenses and hassling trips to the store when you master this simple trick.


how to layer curtains in one rod

No one can deny that layered curtains are absolutely amazing to look at. Surprisingly, you can achieve the same elegant, sophisticated, and classic look without needing another rod or bracket. Combine different fabrics, colors, and textures and achieve an amazing window treatment in three easy steps.

Step 1: Select your curtains.

Whether you are layering two or three sets of curtains, make sure to consider its design beforehand. For example, you don’t want to layer together two heavy and dark-colored materials together since it might just appear bulky and make the room look darker than it is supposed to be.


Try to pair dark and light colors or similar hues together to complement each other and blend well together. Consider the material and curtain type. For instance, you can use valance curtains and layer them over a pair of sheer pocket curtains. 

Step 2: Get your clip rings.

Identify which pair of curtains will serve as your focal point and which ones will help as an accessory or accent. Get your clip rings and alternate clipping one ring to the solid or main curtain, and attach the next onto the sheer panel.


You can try an alternative design by aligning the curtain by the panel, placing the sheer curtains in the middle, and the solid ones at both sides. Decide how you want your curtain to look, and attach the ring clips to the fabric before slipping them on the rod. 

Step 3: Hang the rod

Get your rod and rest it on the brackets. Adjust the curtains so that it suits your preference. Using a paneled curtain layer, try to enhance the depth by pulling the solid curtain a bit over the sheer fabric. 

Adding Swags

You can also layer your curtains using swags. These make a great addition to your solid curtains that seem to appear plain on their own. Get a light-colored sheer swag curtain and hang it on both ends of the rod. This is a relatively easy method that doesn’t require any hardware to achieve. 


Step 1: Pick a curtain and swag.

Swags can usually stand on their own, framing the window perfectly and in an elegant manner. However, they do add a touch of texture and sophisticated character when paired with neatly pleated curtains.


Choose a solid-colored curtain and sheer swag curtain to go together on your rod. Since we won’t be using hooks or other hardware, try to get a swag curtain that will quickly wrap around the rod. 

Step 2: Hang your main curtain

Get your rod and slip the curtain onto the shaft. Now, you can place it on the bracket and make the necessary adjustments. Form your pleats and iron the fabric if necessary. Try to make it look as good as possible before adding the swag.

Step 3: Make your scarf swag.

Take your sheer curtain and carefully wrap one end near the finial of the rod. Slide the rest of the fabric, and carefully wrap it around. You can customize the look by determining how many wraps you would like to make. 


Some people prefer hanging the scarf swag at both ends. It creates a beautiful and single-balloon type look that elegantly complements your drapes. Please make the necessary adjustments so that it fits your style perfectly. 


Double-Sided Hooks

Another curtain hardware that you can utilize to pull off a layered curtain style is by getting yourself a bunch of double-sided hooks. The process is pretty much the same, but we will show you how to layer curtains in one rod using a double-sided hook.

Step 1: Choose your curtains.

For this method, you want to pair together light and medium-heavy materials. Or you can pair it together with a simple valance and a solid curtain. Regardless of your chosen style, get your curtains together and decide which ones go in which layer.

Step 2: Get your double-sided hooks.

Select your inner layer and attach it onto the backside of the double-sided hook. Get your other curtain and hang it onto the front hook. Repeat the process until you’ve successfully secured your fabric onto the hook.

Step 3: Hang your curtains

Carefully slide the top hook onto the rod, and hang it on the bracket. Make as many adjustments as you like until it reaches your satisfaction. Double-sided hooks usually go on shower curtains. You can try to customize them by applying paint or other decorations.



Fortunately, you don’t always have to layer fabric on fabric. In fact, many window treatments look perfect when matched together. The key to making a magnificent combination is by considering the size and color. Try to conceptualize the design before going into the process itself. 


Overall, nothing beats a fantastic layer curtain. It doubles down on your home’s privacy while also serving as a beautiful decoration. It is a great way to incorporate colors and add depth to the design. Knowing how to layer curtains in one rod is a skill that one definitely needs to master.