How To Layer A Bed Like A Hotel? 6 Interesting Ways!

Do you want to know how to layer a bed like a hotel? Well, you’re in the right place, my friends.

Indeed, hotels take pride in the level of elegance and comfort they deliver to their visitors.

You can see how their visitors’ rooms, particularly their beds, are put up.

It provides an additional level of comfort, which is definitely different from what you have at home.

One aspect of how they establish their guest suites and rooms that stands out is presentation.

Don’t be overconfident, though; it’s not yet the end.

Even better, you can bring an excellent hotel feel with you.

Now, let’s understand how to layer your bed like a hotel.


how to layer a bed like a hotel

Ways To Layer A Bed Like A Hotel

Here are the ways on how to layer a bed like a hotel:


#1. Purchase a mattress that gives you optimum comfort

First, get a comfortable mattress.

If you want to know how you can have a bed that’s comfy like a hotel bed, you’ll need a good mattress.

Hotels employ a certain sort of mattress that several different companies manufacture.

As a result, many of these mattresses have been discontinued.

Fortunately, some of these mattresses are offered for sale.

But wait! These will be expensive, so make sure you’re ready before diving in.

If you do so, you might be able to have something comparable to those seen in hotels.

Otherwise, a mattress of high quality, such as a spring mattress, should be considered.

You might also benefit from a therapeutic mattress.

In case you want to stay on what you have, try turning the mattress over.

This permits you to sleep on your side.

And such a side is not as compressed compared to what you’re on right now.

To make the mattress softer, you can get another layer of memory foam.


#2. Place bed sheets with an adequate thread count

Do you know that one of the best features of a hotel bed is its smooth feel when you touch it?

To get this softness, use sheets with a high thread count.

I suggest you get that Egyptian cotton bed sheet; opt for one with 300 thread counts for a pleasant sleep.

The composition of the bedsheet holds the key.

Here’s what you should take note of:

The softer your bedsheet is, the greater the thread count should be.

On top of your mattress, you can use fitted sheets that come with two layers.

Consider white bedding as a cost-effective way to get them clean, inviting aesthetic prevalent in most hotel rooms.


#3. Put duvet and comforter layering

Keeping with the last advice, layer the bed for a more sumptuous look.

Layers are used in hotel beds to provide the impression of luxury.

Combining a comforter with a duvet does this.

If you wish to experience a silky and smooth feeling while you sleep, choose a thread count of 300 or higher.

What’s fantastic about it is that it gives you a pleasant, warm feeling that makes you want to melt into your bed.

As if you were in your favorite hotel room, it’s difficult to resist your bed.


#4. Select the appropriate cushions and pillows

Consider adding layers to your bed, as well as the right cushions and pillows.

You have the option of choosing between 2 and 4 pillows.

In this circumstance, choose feather or down pillows for added softness.

You can then add two fiberfill pillows to complete the look.

When it comes to what you can do with extra pillows, you have more options.

It’s a good idea to put at least 3 pillows to select from when deciding where to rest your head.

This should also work if you want to snuggle your pillows.

Adding some color to the bedroom with cushions and throw pillows will help in the meanwhile.

It also provides you with more fluffs and pillows up the bed.


#5. Choose fluffy pillows

Understanding how to layer a bed like your favorite hotel is important.

Check if the pillows have been fluffed.

Why it’s important?

It’s because pillows that appear fluffy are enticing.

Once they’ve been used for some time, they become deflated and flat.

Yes, this is a minor step, but it makes a major difference in the comfort of your bed.

You won’t tell if the pillow you currently have is the same as the one you previously had.


#6. Color choice is critical

When trying to recreate the look of a hotel room, it’s also crucial to complement your bed’s color.

This includes the comforter extra layers, sheets, and pillowcases.

I suggest you go for white color for the sheets; they will be concealed behind the layers, anyway.

It also has a clean appearance, which makes it an excellent bed background.

Don’t you ever forget to match the colors to the room when it comes to the other components?

If you can get this off, you’ll be able to capture the comfort of a hotel room.

When you’re doing this, remember to bear in mind how crucial presentation is; it’s your best buddy!

When tidying and making your bed, you can use a throw blanket to add the finishing touch.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, that’s how to layer a bed like a hotel.

My friends, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve done for your room.

Isn’t it the most comfortable place in the world?

Have a great night of sleep!

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