How To Lay In Bed After Knee Replacement? 5 Best Options!

Have you just went through knee replacement, and you want to know “how to lay in bed after knee replacement?”

Well, it is never easy to go back to your normal pace, especially that you just went through surgery.

how to lay in bed after knee replacement

It is hard to recover, especially when you had it one of the most valuable parts of your body.

Your knees make you stronger, and it supports your feet upon moving.

However, it can be hard to move right when you have concerns like this.

But then you no longer need to worry because we got you covered.

We will help you in identifying ways and steps on how to lay in bed.

Knee replacement will take some time to heal, so you need to take this advice seriously.


Ways To Lay In Bed After Knee Replacement

It is a pretty challenging but exciting question to explore.

So, how to lay in bed after knee replacement?

But then it is vital to know about such thing.

Before we answer this question, let us enlighten you first about what a knee replacement process is.

It is all about a surgical procedure; it is also known to be a knee arthroplasty.

It is a process done to cure damaged knees due to arthritis. It is where the knees are replaced.

Usually, the pieces used for the cap part are metals and plastics.

You can also do it for those who had a severe knee injury.

That results from arthritis, as to what we have mentioned earlier.

There are so many different ways to lay in bed after having your knee replacement operation.

We will be giving you some of them along with their descriptions.

After that, you will select what is favorable to your liking.


Option #1. Sleeping on your back

You can consider one of the possible options, and the best one is sleeping on your back.

Here’s why, after having your surgery, you should do your best to keep your leg straight as much as you can.

That is to avoid sudden complications like knee hypertension allowing blood to flow on the area of surgery.

It will help if you put a pillow under your knee and calf.

It will keep your legs straight and cushion your knee.

Please take note, refrain from putting the pillow near the end of your leg or feet, or else it will put all the pressure on your knee.

That might result in too much pain in your knee.


Option #2. Take medicines an hour before you sleep

This second option is one thing that you can opt to do before you sleep in your bed.

That way, the pain will ease out a bit, and it can result in so many more good things, we will elaborate.

Your doctor would give you pain killer pills to take your pain away from time to time.

It would help if you took your last dose an hour before you sleep.

That way, it will digest and take some time to effect.

That is important for your sleep.


Option #3. Sleep on your stomach

An option like the first one but with a different fact about it is not advisable, especially after knee replacement.

Doing this can just put you into a situation that can make you suffer.

It can put you in so much pain.

You might weigh the pressure in your knees, and honestly, that is one of the worst things to happen.


Option #4. Placing ice on your knee

This one is another option that you can do to ease your knee’s pain somehow right before you sleep.

You should put this for about 15 – 20 minutes until it gets numb.

After that, it will not hurt in that way.

But then, you will not place the ice pack directly in the area where you had your knee replacement.

Opt to use a towel on the said area and place your ice pack there.

Then, after letting it rest, you can remove it and sleep.


Option #5. Sleeping on your side

Another sleeping position we have is sleeping on your side.

It is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions for a lot of people.

That is fine if you are having a hard time finding an excellent position for sleep.

We will give you some tips that you can use to make sure the knee won’t hurt so bad.

First, you have to make sure that you sleep on the opposite side of your knee that you had replaced.

And then you can put a pillow in between your two knees so that they won’t bump with each other.

You have to lessen the contact of your knee on hard things to avoid pain triggers.

Also that you have to make sure that your knee is straight and comfortable because it might be hard to sleep on the sides.



We are now through with “how to lay in bed after knee replacement?”

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We hope that we have enlightened you.

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