How To Know If Aquarium Heater Is Working? Read These Awesome Facts!

The question is: how to know if aquarium heater is working? Certain conditions can tell if it is working. It could be that it is short and overworked presently, requiring some time to cool off.

The indicator light also does not turn on correctly, the device is not in the right location, the device is not correct in size for a tank, or is cracked.

how to know if aquarium heater is working

Indeed, the aquarium heater heats an aquarium at the temperature desired. Unless the device is broken, there are still reasons why the temperature of the water does not reach an ideal point. It’s pretty hard to determine if it is damaged or if one does not heat up correctly. So, let’s begin to read this article!


Ways To Know If Aquarium Heater Is Working

The aquarium heater faces the common issue of wrong heater size and not a manufacturer defect. The water’s internal temperature does not get adequate water flow, thus maintaining the temperature needed against the tank’s elements. In this regard, place the aquarium heater in a suitable place, so it works appropriately. If it has no proper water circulation, it might take time to heat up properly, as this brings up a part of the tank heated since the water is not correctly circulated.

The heater is overworked, and it requires an immediate break to prevent the element from overheating. Other heaters are manufactured using a glass casing to heat the tank thoroughly. They get hotter than the temperature desired for a short time. It could be the heater is too hot to function at the moment. The aquarium heater is so sensitive that it shorts out easily. When unplugged in the last change of water, it could shorten it. The heater works to convert electricity down to heat. When the water gets next to the electrical components, it could also shorten, conducting electricity in a heating element.


Getting The Aquarium Heater Tested

Visually inspect the element that heats inside the aquarium heater to save time and determine if it malfunctions, as this is one way how to know if aquarium heater is working. Search for the possible signs of wear and tear like cracked glass, exposed and abnormal wires, and discoloration in the aluminum parts. It’s good to get the heater tested in the bucket of water to see if the device is working correctly.

  • Get 2.5 gallons filled with water or adequate to ensure that the device is fully submerged
  • Now, it’s time for you to measure the water temperature before you place the device in it
  • Position the device in a 2.5-gallon filled with water
  • Wait for an hour
  • Measure the water temperature to observe an increase in the exact measurement
  • Make use of a glass container or use a pitcher and drinking glass

If there’s no single material around, use the heater’s old hand test. Plug it in, wait for several minutes and use your hand to approach the device and see if it’s warm slowly. The heater works if there is heat in there.


Signs That The Heater Is Being Broken

The heater is starting to go out with how often it turns on as always. Use a thermometer to see if it is working harder, as this is a clear sign that something is not correct. The thermometer shows it fluctuates while the temperature changes more in the tank. One more sign is that the heater is beginning to go out if the temperature fluctuates more often in the tank, as this is an indication that the heating element is overworking. It’s better to use two low-wattage heaters instead of a single heater.

Replace it immediately if you see wear and tear in the heating element. The glass may chip, or crack, while the metal may turn its color or rust. At the same time, its suction cup may also lose the suction. These are signs to upgrade the heating elements. It’s already broken when you plug the aquarium heater in, but it does not increase its heat. Test the heater before placing it in the tank to ensure it is working. You don’t like the heater plugged in with no water inside it, as this may break the device or cause further cracks in the glass. You may also be interested to know about the best aquarium heaters.


Proper Heater Placement To Consider

The circulation and convection are your best friends when placing the heater. Indeed, water is a good conductor of heat, but most action comes in the ionic bond, as this can go between the water molecules and how they interact with the heat. The water rises and becomes less dense in the tank, and it pushes the denser and cooler water next to the tank’s bottom, as this also keeps the water as it moves and gets warm. The combination of the circulation and convection helps get the tank warmer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to know if aquarium heater is working. Some conditions could tell if it works properly, like if it is short or overworked and requires some time to cool off. The indicator light might not be turning on correctly, or it could be the device is not in the correct location. Read related articles; know where to place heater in aquarium and what fish do not need a heater.

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