How To Knit A Blanket With Squares? Step By Step

Beginners can master how to knit a blanket with squares in three steps. You only need to plan the blanket size, make the squares, and assemble the blanket. This quick tutorial will crochet the squares edges, and we’ll also help you sew a patchwork blanket together. 

Are you new to knitting? Don’t worry because it’s even easier than crocheting. Start with understanding the right knitting needle size to make any knitted project comfortable and error-free.


How Do You Knit Squares To Make A Blanket?


Step 1. Decide on the blanket size

  • Know the blanket size you want to make to plan the number of stitches and rows for the knitted squares
  • Use the recommended tension on the yarn to help you know the stitches and rows for the square size
  • The number of squares will dictate the final blanket size

Step 2. Knit and check the number of rows as you go

  • Cast on the number of stitches requires to start
  • Work on the rows using garter stitch and count them as you go to ensure that you’ll make the right square size
  • Be consistent with your knitting tension to have even stitches

Step 3. Crochet and sew the squares together to form the blanket

  • Continue knitting several blanket squares until you have enough pieces to form your desired blanket size
  • Start by crocheting around each square for a neater finish and even out their sizes
  • Once you have the border, sew the squares together and crochet an edge around the finished blanket to finish
  • If you’re new to adding a border or edge around a blanket, read this tutorial on how to edge a crochet blanket

What Is A Blanket Knitted In Squares Called?

Making a blanket using several knitted squares is called a patchwork blanket. It’s a fun and easy way to create different blanket sizes by sewing individual knitted squares. A tip you can remember if you’re new to knitting is by using a chunky yarn, as it will also make mistakes less obvious. 


How to assemble a patchwork blanket by sewing

You can select any knitting technique you’re comfortable with to make a square for a patchwork blanket. However, knitting a blanket with squares will always have you sew the squares together. It’s essential to learn this method properly to end up with a neat and durable patchwork blanket. 


  1. Arrange the squares on a flat and large surface to see how the finished blanket will look
  2. Select the squares you’ll sew together and take the threaded needle from one of the square’s tail
  3. If the square you threaded has horizontal rows, you must sew it to a square with vertical rows
  4. Sew the edges of the squares by going through the stitch of the next square and back to the square with the tail
  5. Repeat until you finish sewing two squares together
  6. Weave in the ends and continue sewing several squares until you reach the desired blanket size

What Can I Make From Knitted Squares?

Blankets are not the only items you can make with knitted squares. You can also form a phone case, coin purse, bottle cover, potholder, or even a headband by knitting squares or rectangles. 


  • Phone or sunglasses case

Get the length of the phone or shades and add an inch to it. Knit according to this size and other dimensions needed for the item. Fold the square in half and sew the bottom and sides. 


  • Coin purse

Sew two opposite corners of a knitted square and add a ribbon on the opening for closure


  • Bottle cover

Get the bottle’s circumference and use this as the length of the knitted rectangle. It should also be slightly shorter than the bottle. Sew the short ends together. 


  • Potholder

Get the size of the pot and knit a square that is at least 50% larger than it since it’s best to use felted wool to handle the heat. 


  • Headband

Knit a rectangle that is slightly shorter than the head’s circumference. It can also be around two inches wide. Add some decorations such as crochet appliques

How Many Stitches Do You Need For A Blanket Square?

The stitches you’ll need to make a blanket square will depend on the size you want for the finished blanket. Each square will use a specific number of stitches and rows to get the desired dimensions. Additionally, you have to consider what yarn you’re using and how tight you knit the stitches. 

The best way to get the correct number of stitches is by knitting a one-by-one-inch swatch. Count the stitches you have and compute to get the amount you’ll need for a blanket. For example, measure the width of the swatch you made and divide it by the stitches you cast on to get your stitches per inch, and multiply it by the desired width of the blanket square. 


Did you know that it’s easy to make a patchwork blanket? This three-step guide on how to knit a blanket with squares is so easy that even kids can do it. You only need to make several knitted squares with a garter stitch and sew them together. 

It would also be helpful if you know how to crochet a border around each square and the finished blanket. Use this blanket border tutorial as a guide if you’re still new to crocheting blanket edges.