How To Kill Lice With A Hairdryer? 5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Pesky Bugs!

How to kill lice with a hairdryer? Hairdryers are conventional and can be used in many ways, not just for hair. Ditching your duster, removing wax from various items, stretching out shoes that aren’t fit for your shoe size, removing crayon marks on walls, and many more uses than you can utilize your hairdryers, and that is why they are a versatile one.

Though, even if it can serve many purposes, its primary usage is to dry hair using its heat. If you are a person whose hair has been infested by lice badly, then this machine can help you out.

how to kill lice with a hairdryer

Lice can easily be affected by heat and can die in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on your heat setting, though, and it can damage.

So if you are a person who has been suffering the infestation of lice issues, then this one’s for you. Now is the time to move on as we discuss this topic in the article to know how to eliminate them effectively. As you read this guide thoroughly, you will learn how to do it the right way. So, let us continue.


Killing Lice With A Hair Dryer

How to kill lice with a hairdryer? Using a hairdryer to eliminate lice from your head may sound easy, but in reality, it takes a lot more steps to accomplish than what you think of. Do not worry; we will help you out as the process of eliminating these bugs continues to bother you:


Step #1. Shampoo your hair and scalp thoroughly 

Washing your hair is a necessary part of this process to avoid any damage later on when blow drying it with the hairdryer. So without further ado, here are the steps you need to do to start the process right away. For this step, hot water is required to eliminate some even while washing.

The regular shampoo is only needed for this process but if you own a lice medication shampoo or the likes, then better use it for lice removal.

Use your fingertips and rub them through the roots of your hair to remove some lice adhering to the base of your hair or at the roots. In that way, some of them can get eliminated already.

From here, we’ll assume that you’re attempting to eliminate anything on the surface, as well as the stubborn ones buried. First, keep in mind that the more eggs you remove from your hair when washing it, the fewer head lice will trouble you later. I suppose it’s good to learn how to shampoo your hair properly.


Step #2. Blow drying your hair

Now that you’ve finished washing your hair, it is now time to blow dry it up since wet hair can still be a vulnerable spot for lice to inhabit. Give it at least half an hour to dry if your hair is too thick for the hairdryer to handle. It will always depend on the length and thickness, so adjust it to your wanted time of drying.

At most times, if you want to eliminate the lice that are living in your hair entirely, you must give it at least thirty minutes, or the scalp will still get infected by lice roaming in the area. When you’re finished, use a soft and not a damp towel to dry the wet areas of your hair, you might want to take a seat before doing the drying.

In those thirty minutes of waiting, you’ll want to rest yourself while waiting for your hair to be all dried up.

It is a long time, especially if you are not doing anything while completing the process, so it is much better if you have a phone to scroll through social media while waiting for it to dry all up. As a result, avoid using the highest and lowest heat levels. The medium heat setting is ideal, depending on the hairdryer that you own at home.

You may use the high-temperature choice if it’s a low-temperature one. Select a single temperature and power option for blowing your hair, depending on your needs. Learn more about how hot air kills lice by reading this article: Does heat kill lice?


Step #3. Brushing your hair

Once the timer is up, it is now time to brush your hair using a lice comb after thirty minutes of waiting for it to dry. Your hair may appear dry and sticky, but it will smoothen out once combed. With that, all remaining dead lice are removed from your hair since the only job of the hairdryer is to kill and not remove them. 


Step #4. Rewash your hair 

To ensure the effectiveness of this process, you will want to rewash your hair and redo the same process once more.

Why? For the hairdryer method to be effective, you should ensure that lice are removed from the hair, thus completing the process and avoiding jerks from coming back to your hair. Once done, dry it up. Here is another interesting topic you should read: How to throw away a hairdryer?


It’s A Wrap!

How to kill lice with a hairdryer? Has your hair gone through a lot and even gone through a lice infestation? We’re sure that these steps are practical to know how to kill lice with a hairdryer!

They can be very tricky to take out from your hair, but it won’t be a hassle to you anymore with the steps mentioned above. If you are into hairdryers and articles about it, we have another recommendation for you. You may read, how to use hair dryer to straighten the hair. Thanks for your time!

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