How to Keep Your Greenhouse Warm at Night

As the temperature drops at night, you might want to know how to keep your greenhouse warm at night. It’s necessary to keep your plants warm to protect them from frost or freezing temperatures. However, the rising energy expenses and environmental effects may prevent you from adequately heating your greenhouse.

In this article, we will give you several tips on how to keep your greenhouse warm at night without having to spend a fortune.

How to Keep Your Greenhouse Warm at Night

How Can You Keep Your Greenhouse Warm at Night?

There are several ways to keep your greenhouse warm during nighttime. Here are some of the simplest, yet most effective steps you can take:


Add compost in your greenhouse

Compost is naturally warm, so it makes sense to keep them inside your greenhouse. Good compost can be as hot as 100 degrees F. It can keep your greenhouse warm throughout the night, especially if you regularly turn it to add oxygen. Additionally, having wood mulch as pathways can contribute to the heat.


Use thermal mass objects

If you’re solely relying on the sunlight to heat your greenhouse, you need thermal mass objects to further increase warmth. Bricks, clay, rocks, concrete slab floor – these objects absorb heat during warm weather and release it when the atmosphere is cold.

Using thermal mass objects is one of the most affordable ways to heat a greenhouse. If you’re planning to make raised beds, use stone or bricks for maximum heat absorption. Water is an excellent thermal mass as well. It’s also a great idea to put black barrels or water around your greenhouse.


Strategically position your heaters

If you have heating systems, make sure to put them in an open spot at a corner of your greenhouse. Keep them away from water for safety purposes. Additionally, angle the heater above the plants that need it most.


Only heat the necessary areas

You don’t have to heat your entire greenhouse if you don’t need to. You can create a mini greenhouse inside your greenhouse. Further insulate your mini greenhouse by placing bubble wrap, your heating system, or horticultural fleece.


Why Should You Buy a Mini Greenhouse?

A mini greenhouse is an excellent investment for anyone interested in greenhouse gardening. It’s a cheaper and more convenient alternative to a regular-sized greenhouse. If you still haven’t decided, here a few reasons why a mini greenhouse is a great investment:


Start early plant growth

With a mini greenhouse, you can start planting even before the cold season begins in your region. You can plant warm-season vegetables in your greenhouse, and as the weather gets warmer, you can transfer your plants into your garden. In this way, you’ll be able to harvest crops earlier than usual, so you can start your next planting season earlier.


Compact and easy to handle

If you think that all greenhouses are as big as a small house, think again. Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Mini greenhouses, in particular, are compact and convenient for home gardeners who don’t need a big and spacious greenhouse. A mini greenhouse is more cost-effective, and it gives you the same benefits as a regular greenhouse.


Protect your plants from pests and animals

While there are beneficial insects, there are also bugs that want to eat your leaves and produce. Raccoons, rodents, snails, aphids, and other animals and insects can damage your months of hard work. Additionally, if your plants are out in the open, they’re more prone to catch certain diseases from neighboring plants. Keeping them inside a greenhouse keeps them safe from pests, animals, and diseases.


Great for gardeners with limited space

If you’re interested in growing crops, but you don’t have enough space, a mini greenhouse is a perfect solution. You can plant almost anything inside a mini greenhouse regardless of the weather outside. Plus, you can place it anywhere – on balconies, patios, decks, and even on your tables. The average size of a mini greenhouse is around six ft., but there are smaller options for those who like a more compact size.


Keep plants safe from bad weather

Heavy rain, hail, blizzard, and high winds make it harder to grow healthy crops. If you live in places with unpredictable weather, you’re better off using a mini greenhouse. As mentioned, you can grow a wide variety of plants even though it’s storming outside. Your plants will remain safe and healthy inside a mini greenhouse.


Ideal for beginners in greenhouse gardening

Mini greenhouses re a great option for those who want to know more about greenhouse gardening. If you want to learn the ropes and know how greenhouses work, investing in a mini greenhouse is a good place to start. It gives you the same benefits of a regular greenhouse without the cost and commitment. You can learn about the growing conditions of your plants, know the basics of greenhouse growing, and more.


Final Thoughts on How to Keep Your Greenhouse Warm at Night

Now that you know how to keep your greenhouse warm at night, you’ll be able to raise healthy plants and produce high-quality crops. Just keep these tips in mind, and you can enjoy the benefits of using a greenhouse for planting.


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