How To Keep Toddler In Bed? In 7 Easy Ways!

Are you wondering how to keep toddler in bed?

You’re in the right place; we’ll be teaching you how, but that you will learn as you read further.

how to keep toddler in bed

Yes, the change from your child’s crib to bed is significant; it’s undoubtedly a notable milestone in your toddler’s life.

If you’re already a veteran, however, you already know what’s challenging about this.

And one of these challenges includes how you can keep your toddler in bed.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Keep Toddler In Bed

Some parents don’t really mind wherever their toddler would sleep.

But, if you’re someone who wants a stringent bed policy, you would want to know how to keep toddler in bed.


#1. See to it that the toddler’s room is inviting

So, your child’s participation in creating his room is a must; though it doesn’t necessarily require the most, at the very least is enough, my friends.

Try to let your child choose his favorite beddings, for instance.

Also, you can let him decide where he would want to position the furniture and his bed.

In this way, you’re sure that the room is inviting for him.

Remember that what may be inviting for you may not be applied to him.

The main point here is that you should make sure that he will love the room where he will be spending every night!


#2. Take note of the bed size

Well, you may be assigning your toddler to a larger bed as soon as he graduated from his crib.

This instance may not be a big deal for some children, but others may feel threatened or even intimidated.

Anyway, you can always opt for toddler beds; these things may be much appreciated by your children.

Well, you have many options to choose from, my friends. Whether you have a girl or a boy, you can always have a castle or a car-themed bed.

Here’s what you should make sure of, though:

It must be easy for your toddler to move in and out of the bed; this will make him comfortable.


#3. Have a routine during bedtime

So, you should have a routine for bedtime.

Don’t worry, my friends.

You’re not required to elaborate on it.

Just remember:

The routine should give your child an impact; it should be one that he looks forward to happening.

Make the routine a special time for your child.

Maybe, you can try reading books for him. Some would bathe with good music playing; others would eat snacks and then brush their teeth.

Also, try playing your child’s favorite songs, or perhaps, you can say your prayers.

Well, there are actually many things that you can try; I know, you can do it, my friends!


#4. Acknowledge this change

Well, some parents can attest how useful it is to have a celebration, at least.

Others would allow their toddlers to sleep in their own beds.

As toddlers, they’re also given new privileges that they love.

One of these choices is to select a toy your child wants to have when he is about to sleep.

Don’t be overreacting, okay? Yes, it’s a significant change for you and your child; but, it’s for them to grow better.


#5. Never give in

Perhaps, not giving in is a general rule. Otherwise, your child will be declared the winner.

You can let your child know that you’re not going to keep going in for discussion, hugs, kisses, pleading, or begging.

Comply to this rule strictly, okay?

In case your little one leaves his room, you can let him back into the room, and this should be done without any discussion.

Never show how weak you are when it comes to this or your toddler will understand that this action will result in a transition.

If you follow this rule religiously and you are consistent with it, it’s sure that your little one will sleep in his bed as soon.


#6. Don’t give attention to your child’s non-ideal behavior

You know the rule; you have to reinforce something that you give attention to.

If what you’re praising his good behavior, such as your child peeing on his potty, then you can most likely motivate him to keep moving forward.

My friends, it’s the same thing with those acts you don’t want your child to keep on repeating.

When you get angry by a certain behavior, you are actually reinforcing it for the reason that he is getting attention.

Perhaps, the best thing to do is to simply put your child in bed; do this without manifesting any emotion.


#7. Consequences

This is the most crucial thing to bear in mind.

Just like our actions, their acts have also consequences.

So, you can reinforce a consequence/s for actions that are not good.

In this way, you can firm up the boundaries; and you can also let your child know what you expect him.



I know you already understand how to keep toddler in bed.

There are seven things that you should take note of.

These things may sound easy, but take time to perfect.

We hope you get these things right!