How To Keep The Blankets From Balling Up In The Dryer? 3 Amazing Tips!

Are you worried about how to keep the blankets from balling up in the dryer? By adjusting the dryer’s temperature on a typical heat setting, using a tennis ball, using washing bags, and drying only one blanket at one time. All these things help you avoid your blankets from balling up in the dryer. 

Most people get their blankets expertly washed, but this can be rather costly, and it isn’t always practicable to any person. If you need to preserve money, you can surely dry the blankets yourself and obtain outstanding outcomes.

how to keep the blankets from balling up in the dryer

The one difficulty which most people have is that blankets can occasionally roll up inside the dryer, which is inconvenient. Yes, drying the blankets seems much more complicated than cleaning them in some instances. They certainly would not desire expensive coverings simply to roll together. Let’s have a closer look at how to keep the blankets from tangling/balling up in the dryer. It’s best to also know how to keep blankets from balling up the dryer.


Tips For Keep The Blankets From Balling Up In The Dryer

Sometimes blankets ball up in the dryer, and it’s complicated to fix such blankets after taking them from the dryer. But stop worrying about how to keep the blankets from balling up in the dryer. Below we have written a few suggestions. By applying these to your blankets, you can solve such issues. Let’s begin!


#1. Select the correct suitable temperature and mode

Wrinkles develop when polymer chains in the blankets deteriorate due to high temperature or environmental events. As a result, adjusting the heat is the quickest approach to avoid this issue. You must pay close attention to the fabric’s drying temperature. By disrupting covalent bonds in the structure and causing extreme water loss. Furthermore, many individuals tend to check their phones by making them available. 

When damp external wind enters the blanket, allowing it to ball up gradually, that practice is hazardous. Varied drying settings featuring different duration and heat for every cloth will frequently be available on the drying machines.

Casual, heavy clothing, silk, woolen, and cotton fabric are a few of the most common settings on the machines. You may adjust the drying method to fit the specific varieties of blankets in your home!

We suggest drying heavy blankets on the Super Dry setting for around 124 minutes. To stop harming the fabric of more costly blankets, including a fleece blanket, it is advisable to use the Drying setting for keeping for roughly 1 hour. It’s vital to remember that you must dry your blanket till it’s slightly moist, then let it air dry. When clothes are dry outdoors, they remain pretty motionless. This is ideal for the hydroxyl group’s rebuilding mechanism, fully restoring the material to its previous state.


#2. Use tennis balls

Putting a tennis ball inside this dryer looked odd. However, they seem to be quite handy for washing to perform activities. The blankets are frequently jumbled up several times throughout the wash cycle preceding drying because of the drum’s rotation. Because textiles are continuously in touch at rapid speeds, electrostatic force and friction are created, leading other threads to be attracted in and clumping in your blanket.

Tennis balls have a bunch of fiber on their exterior and are mainly composed of fleece or wool. This is a tremendous magnetic substance. To illustrate, while carrying a hoodie and hugging another person in the cold, you may frequently feel a tiny tug.

When tennis balls are placed in a dryer, friction creates static electricity using opposing ions. As a result, when you throw the ball inside the dryer and the blanket, the power will transfer through one item to another, reducing the friction, leading the blanket to ball up.nHowever, this procedure only works if you hang the blanket to dry shortly after it’s been washed. 

The tennis ball resting motionless would no more operate if kept for a lengthy time or tonight, implying creases would develop mainly on the blanket as it is stacked on top of each other,  squandering the complex performance you put in previously. It’s best to also know how to install washer drain hose and how to fix a washer that wont drain.


#3. By using washing bags

A washing bag is a pouch composed of finely knitted nylon mesh with holes that prevent garments from becoming extended and damaged fibers. Laundry bags are particularly helpful in preserving wool or bouncy blankets from overheating inside the dryer. In addition, the washing bag may collect power and minimize static electricity produced by the friction of the blanket.

To prevent electrocution, replace the washing bag when placing this in the dryer. Putting laundry bags in the dryer helps you keep the blankets from balling up in the dryer and prevent your blankets from any damage from the dryer heat. 


It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading this article, you all will learn how to keep the blankets from balling up in the dryer. Above, we have mentioned excellent tips. If you use these tips before adding your blanket to the dryer, hopefully, you will keep them from balling up in the dryer. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end. 

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