How To Keep Roaches Away From Bed? 6 Effective Ways!

Having roaches around your bed is both creepy and disgusting; that is why you need to know how to keep roaches away from bed.

Roaches breed in conditions that are not hygienic.

how to keep roaches away from bed

They also thrive on dirty areas such as in your washrooms or kitchens and on the food particles.

Some precautionary measures are needed to be taken to prevent these pests in your house.

However, if they have infested your house already, don’t worry because there some things that you can do.

But how can you know if roaches infested your house?


Signs Of Possibly Having A Roach Problem At Home

Keep in mind the factors below to know if a population of roaches habituates in your house.


#1. Roach odor

If there’s a population in your house, you will notice a distinct musky and oily odor.

So if you smell something like this, then it is most likely that your house is infested.


#2. Feces

The waste material of cockroaches looks very much like ground coffee or black pepper.

Try placing some sticky traps into the places with roach droppings to catch if there is indeed any roach.


#3. Egg casings

The egg casing of roaches is long and comes in brown color.

Each casing holds plenty of eggs for up to 50 pieces.

So discarding them is greatly helpful in keeping the population of cockroaches down.


6 Different Ways To Keep Roaches Away From Bed

To avoid having roaches in your bed, you must restrict them even outside the room.

This will only be possible if you keep your room or your house as house clean.

So, how to keep roaches away from bed?

Below are the simple ways that you can take:


#1. Using pest repellents

This method helps keep roaches as well as other bugs away from your house.

It will also prevent them from creating a home in your house.

You might as well use an electronic pest repeller.

This is commonly used since it does not pose any harm to your pets and children.

But more importantly, it will keep insects, rodents, and roaches at bay.

Furthermore, you won’t leave the bodies of the dead roaches all over your house.

As such, your house will be free from roaches without the need for extra work.


#3. Using roach repellent spray

You might as well use repellent sprays for cockroaches.

This is very effective in keeping those pests away from the bed.

Spray this in the corners of the room, particularly in the places that roaches can potentially enter.

This will kill the existing cockroaches in your bedroom and those that are about to enter the room.


#4. Using boric acid

Another excellent solution in killing cockroaches is boric acid. This is also safe to use.

Both the powder and spray will cling to the roaches’ bodies and start attacking their internal systems, particularly their digestive system.

It will kill those exposed to the chemical, but those that have come across the sprayed cockroaches will die as well.


#5. Using baits

Numerous kinds of baits are available online. All of them are effective in killing those roaches.

However, most of them may be harmful to the children, so it is better to keep them of their reach.

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for gel baits due to their convenience.

All you have to do is rub the gel on the cracks on the walls and the edges and small nooks.

That is because this is where most roaches are commonly found.

Furthermore, they usually pass here to bring help in collecting the dead roaches.


#6. Using essential oils

One of the most recommended repellents is essential oil.

It will not only create a more relaxing ambiance and soothe you, but it is also effective in keeping cockroaches from your bed.

This method is very safe for your kids, and its odor is not bad.

As a matter of fact, it helps in keeping your hyperactive kid relaxed.

To apply this, you can pour a portion of this in water and spray it in your entire room.


But If None Works, Call A Roach Terminator

If all the methods above do not seem to work, you will need the help of an exterminator.

They will be able to resolve your problem with roaches in one go, so don’t lose hope if the methods discussed above are unsuccessful.

Sad to say, those pesky cockroaches are very resourceful and resilient kinds of creatures.

At times, they can still linger around our house no matter how much we try to get rid of them.


It’s A Wrap!

How to keep roaches away from bed?

Encountering roaches in your bed is really gross.

Gratefully, there are several things that you can do to get rid of them as discussed earlier in this post,

Hopefully, this post has been beneficial and informative.

But more importantly, we do hope that you will solve your problem with roaches not just in your bed but in your entire house as soon as possible.

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