How To Keep Pillows From Falling Between Mattress And Headboard

The solution for how to keep pillows from falling between mattress and headboard gives you three options. First, we’ll share some headboard modifications, then elevate the foundation to solve this issue. And finally, we’ll talk about what you can use to fill the gap between the bed and the headboard. 

We recommend that you keep on reading throughout this article. You’ll get a complete guide to stop your pillow from falling off the bed. So without further ado, let’s get right to it!

how to keep pillows from falling between mattress and headboard


3 Cheap Solutions To Keep Pillows From Falling Between Mattress And Headboard


Modify the headboard

Please familiarize yourself with the different types of headboards because it might be why your pillows always fall in the gap between them and the bed. If it’s not the right size, there will be a space where pillows can fall. You can either pad the headboard or lower the headboard to solve this issue. 

You can use upholstery foam to pad the headboard if the gap is small. You can also check if your headboard is adjustable by unscrewing the bolts, repositioning the board, and tightening the bolts. If all else fails, consider removing the board and placing it on the wall or replacing it with tapestry instead with the bed against the wall. 


Fill the gap between the mattress and the headboard

The quickest solution to keep pillows from falling between the headboard and the mattress is by filling the gap. You don’t need to spend much because you can just make your own from boards and blocks. Just measure the space to know that it will block it without affecting your sleeping surface. 

However, you’re not limited to only placing the gap filler against the headboard. Consider pushing the mattress against the headboard and then place the filler to the footboard instead. Remember to screw it in place for security. 


Elevate the mattress foundation

Do you know how a mattress should fit on a bed frame? There should be no considerable space throughout, or you risk having the pillows fall in it. The gap between the bed and headboard where pillows slide in should be solved by using a taller foundation. 

A high-profile foundation underneath the mattress will close the gap between the headboard and the bed. Compare the size of the gap and foundation to ensure that it will work once installed. You can even make your own as long as you understand what is a mattress foundation


Why Is There A Gap Between My Mattress And Headboard?


Wrong mattress size

Before buying a new bed, you must consider if its size complements your existing bed frame. Any mismatch between the sizes of these two will create a gap where pillows can fall through. It should be easy to shop for a mattress based on size because it will be called the same size as the bed frame. 

For example, a queen-size bed frame will accommodate a queen-size mattress. On the contrary, you can’t use a queen-size mattress if you have a king frame. Make sure to know your measurements to avoid hassles in returning beds. 


Incompatible bed frame

If you truly want the new mattress but it’s incompatible with your existing bed frame, you have no choice but to replace the latter. Of course, you can always modify it with gap fillers you can buy or make, but the best support is only possible if the frame has the correct dimensions with the mattress. 

Furthermore, different mattress types will require various supports. Your mattress will last longer if you get the best one for it, so consider the new frame as an investment. 


What Can You Put Between The Mattress And Headboard?


Gap filler

You can buy a gap filler in most furniture stores. They come in different types and sizes, so you must know the measurement of the space between the mattress and the headboard. You can also make one yourself with wood. 



If you can’t find a gap filler, furniture shops sell boards called pillowstops. They are upholstered wooden boards you place against the headboard. What’s fantastic with them is some shops allow customization so you can match your current bed. 


Should There Be A Space Between Headboard And Mattress?

There should be no gap between the headboard in the mattress because it can be annoying when you sleep. The bed will slide around, and you’ll also lose the proper support on your upper body since the pillows can fall into it. Furthermore, the gap can become a safety hazard, especially for kids whose necks can fall into it. 

So how high should a headboard be above the mattress? Of course, you want the bottom part of the headboard hidden behind the bed itself. You can also check if the headboard sits three inches below the mattress.



Isn’t it annoying to have pillows falling in the gap close to the headboard? We hope you remembered the three solutions for how to keep pillows from falling between mattress and headboard. To recap, you can modify the headboard, fill the gap with a board, or elevate the foundation. 

You can also buy a gap filler, make one, or even check if you can get a pillowstop custom-made. We hope these help. 

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