How to Keep Pets Away from Plants: 3 Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

You need to know how to keep pets away from plants so that they can co-exist together. This means that there is no need to shun plants just because you have a pet or two. Pets see plants as delicious and sweet-smelling toys that they can play with any time that’s why you need to prevent your pets from treating plants as personal chew toys.


3 Tips on How to Keep Pets Away from Plants

Here are some tips to keep your pets away from the plants in your home or garden.


Tip #1: Relocate the plants

When you’re occupied or not home, you should put the plants on shelves, hanging planters, or tall pieces of furniture. In other words, make sure that your plants are out of reach from your pets.

If this is not an option, then you can put your pet in a plant-free zone. For example, you can put your dog in their crate. Plant stands are also a good deterrent for small animals like cats or small dogs.

If your four-legged companion is a bit rowdy, then you should use a hanging planter. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your plants and pets safe when you’re too busy to supervise them.


Tip #2: Make plants unattractive to pets

Spraying plants with pet deterrents to discourage your pets from overturning or eating your greenery at home can be a good solution. These products have a pungent smell that pets don’t like.

You can also make a DIY deterrent spray using items that you can find in your kitchen. Some of these items with pungent scents include crushed red pepper, ground mustard, coffee grounds, ammonia, cayenne pepper, and vinegar.

If you have potted plants, then you can cover the soil with large rocks to discourage your pet from digging in the dirt. You can also cover the soil with prickly pinecones or other items with a nasty feeling for pets.

Try to grow plants with strong scents. These plants won’t harm your pet, so you can keep them in your home. Some of these plants include coleus canina and rosemary.


Tip #3: Train pets to keep away from plants

You should train your pet to stay away from your houseplants. If you see them chewing on your plants, then you should show your disapproval by making or showing a disapproving gesture.

You can also spray your pet with water every time they try to mess with your precious plant. Eventually, they will learn that what they’re doing is wrong. However, you shouldn’t hit your pet when you’re showing disapproval because it may traumatize them.

Instead, good behavior should be reinforced. When they move away from your plants after showing your disapproval, you should praise them with a treat. Positive reinforcement, repetition, and consistency will give you the best results.


The Benefits of Keeping Your Plants in a Greenhouse

Keeping your plants in a greenhouse is one of the most effective ways to keep pets away from your plants. However, many people are hesitant to try because they automatically assume that greenhouses are too big or too expensive.

Mini greenhouses are a great option for gardeners who want to grow different types of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using a greenhouse:


It keeps pests and pets away

Greenhouses not only keep your pets away, but it’s also effective in warding off pesky pests that would love to munch on your plants, such as thrips, aphids, as well as deer, moles, rabbits, and more. Keeping your plants inside a greenhouse keeps your pets and pests away from your plants.


It’s great for starting seeds

When your seeds grow to become seedlings, they’re very delicate and they need protection from the elements. What better place to start your seed than in a mini greenhouse? The enclosed space offers year-round warmth and protection against the elements. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to place your plants in your basement or garages.


Grow more plants and extend your growing season

Many gardeners prefer to plant in greenhouses because it can lengthen the growing season of your plants. Adding greenhouse equipment such as fans, grow lights, or heating and cooling systems, you’ll be able to tailor your greenhouse’s growing conditions to the needs of your plants.


Final Thoughts on How to Keep Pets Away from Plants

Don’t keep toxic plants at home. The best way to do this is to conduct some research before you buy anything, so you can determine what plants are toxic to animals.

If you really want to keep plants in your home, then you should pick pet-friendly ones like phalaenopsis orchids, roses, or gerbera daisies.

Some of the most common houseplants that are toxic to animals include pencil cactus, ribbon plants, asparagus ferns, geraniums, calla lilies, and cycads. Aloe Vera can be harmful to animals as well. It can cause depression, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It’s not impossible to decorate your home with beautiful bouquets and lively greenery even when you’re living with a furry companion. With a bit of planning, patience, creativity, and knowledge on how to keep pets away from plants, you can live in a home with beautiful flower arrangements and well-trained pets.

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