How To Keep Mice Out Of Dryer Vent? 3 Best Ways!

Have you ever wondered about how to keep mice out of dryer vent? No more worries, Make that the vents upon that dryer vent outside are neat, completely un, and easily open and shut. You also need to ensure that the covers are flat with the vented cap and that they are not broken or broken away.

If your dryer exhaust cap appears tired and outdated, it should be replaced. To keep pests away, invest in a pest-proof dryer vent cap. You need a mice free dryer vent to keep them away, 

how to keep mice out of dryer vent

In winters, pests like mice looking for a warm place go into your house through your outside dryer vent. You can use a double door or pests-proof dryer vent, so this is becoming difficult for pests to pass the dryer vent. Also, ensure no big holes in your dryer vent; if you find these holes, fix them. Let’s get closer to finding more about it.


Why Mice Always Get Into Your Dryer Vents?

Mouse seek asylum in places that are warm, dry, and predator-free. Laundry dryer ducts are a great housing or an easy means for a mouse to access a residence. Even though interior mice may be unpleasant and unclean, you generally don’t want them to make a home there. Blocking mice’s access to dryer vents without causing a fire danger is the most effective way to keep them out. Only a few different methods can eliminate mice from your house.


Using Pests Proof Dryer Vents

Using pests-proof dryer vents, it is easy to stop mice from entering your house through the dryer vent, and cold weather is hard for their survival, so they try to find a warm place. Nothing could penetrate since there is too much power while drying clothing; thus, two doors open whenever the dryer is operating. If the pest tries to break in, they will be unable to do it since they will not open each door simultaneously.


What Should We Do If A Mouse Gets Into Someone Dryer Vent?

When you unlock the dryer and witness a black blur fly away, or if you begin to trap dryer vent exhaust pipes and detect a mouse within, you must remove the rat before blocking the vent. Eventually, the mouse will perish within the confines. To put it mildly, the scent of a mouse’s body may be intense. It’s an excellent excuse to double-check your dryer vents for mice.

Most of the time, all you have to do is create a loud sound, such as hammering on the dryer or vent, and the mouse will try to escape. If feasible, have anyone stand silently outside the exit vent to ensure the mouse exits.


Indications That A Mice Entered In Your Dryer Vent

Squeaking, scraping, scrambling, or pounding sounds are examples of unusual noises indicating the number of mice entering your dryer vent. When you feel inefficient or unproductive performance, it also suggests mice in your duct. Your dryer stinks like excrement, embarrassing scents. Mouse droppings are tiny black grains comparable in size and form to millet. Exhaust covers on the exterior of the building or broken or damaged structures also become the cause of mice entering your dryer vent. 


Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Dryer Vent

So, how to keep mice out of dryer vent?  Use these tips if you want to keep your dryer vent mouse free. Mice are not suitable for your laundry, so be careful and keep them away.


#1. Place steel wool

The first technique to preventing mice off your dryer exhaust is voluntary, and it is entirely up to you how cautious you want to go. To commence, stuff iron wool inside your dryer vent’s opening. Steel wool enables vapor to leave but prevents mice from entering.


#2. Use cotton balls

Place cotton balls coated in essential oils in the laundry room and other areas where you believe mice are present. Place the moistened cotton balls behind the washer, in the toilet, in cabinets, and along the surfaces. Mice prefer gloomy environments, but minty repels them. Peppermint oil should freshen the cotton balls in a few days. Know  how to use wool dryer balls.


#3. Place mousetrap kit

If you have a significant mouse problem, utilize the life of snapping mousetraps. Snapping traps should be checked at least once a day, while live traps should be checked every hour. Dead mice should be disposed of in the garbage in securely knotted plastic containers. Living mice should be released as far away from your home as feasible, generally, two or even more kilometers.


Clean Your Dryer Vent After Mice Removal

Never use the dryer once it’s been thoroughly cleaned. Mouse pee and excrement can make you quite unwell. Put on gloves and a protected face shield if you have allergies or any other type of respiratory difficulty. Spray the lint filter with washing up liquid after cleaning it. To get rid of the vinegar, give it a good rinse. Before reinstalling the lint trap, let it air dry.

When washing the dryer, check the cables and valves. Switch off the dryer, and This will keep you from getting an unpleasant shock and cleaning the dryer with washing up liquid and a large bristle, the hoses, and tying vinegar-soaked towels all around the follicles to clean the hoses more effectively. 

You may also want to read about how often to clean a dryer vent.


It’s A Wrap!

We were ecstatic to discover that you were all aware of how to keep mice out of dryer vent?  We hope you read this post in one sitting, so use these tips carefully if you want to get rid of mice. Thank you for sticking with us, friends! Click on this link to know how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.

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