How To Keep Fridge Fresh? 6 Ways For All Year Round Freshness!

Are you asking yourself, “How to keep fridge fresh?” Well, this article will be answering that question. Since we store all the food inside the ridge, it is a must to keep it clean and fresh always. Usually, you can make your fridge fresher by setting the temperature right, using the humidity settings, cleaning it frequently, having it organized, getting rid of spills, and using natural odor combaters.

But keeping your fridge fresh will require you to be consistent. So, keep it a habit to clean the unit regularly. That way, you will keep dirt from contaminating your food and molds from growing out. Regardless, without further ado, let’s get into it.


Keeping My Fridge Fresh With These Easy Ways

This section will be discussing “How to keep fridge fresh?” Of course, owning a fridge at your home comes with responsibilities. And one of those is keeping the unit fresh. Thankfully, in this article are some tips that will help you achieve that.

A cleaner fridge means a healthier family. Your fridge can safely store food where molds and bacteria cannot grow that can harm your loved ones’ health. So, here are the tips to keep your home and fridge healthier and fresh.


Tip #1. Setting the temperature right

Your refrigerator’s only purpose is to keep the food fantastic and safe away from rotting away. A fresher fridge does not have any foul odor inside of it. Through this, a refrigerator that has an ideal temperature is necessary.

A high-temperature setting in your fridge can lead to food rotting. However, it is not ideal for everyone to set the fridge at the lowest temperature possible. But in addition, it can bring someone a hefty amount in the electrical bill every month.

In light of this, it is best to set your refrigerators at 32 to 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Likewise, your freezers can be placed at the ideal temperature of -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you create an equilibrium between storing your food safely and your electric bill using all these perfect temperatures.


Tip #2. Using the humidity settings

Your refrigerator has some technology for it to maintain the internal humidity inside itself. There might be a drawer or slider dedicated to fruits and vegetables that need to be fresh and moist every time. Refrigerators having a humidity drawer is an ideal unit.

You can store your fruits and vegetables, especially the green ones, in the high humidity drawer to keep them great and fresh in the fridge. On the other hand, the fridge can accommodate a low-humidity drawer for your dairy and meat products that can prevent any enemies like mold, viruses, and bacteria-harboring to your fresh meat.


Tip #3. Cleaning it frequently

Having a fresh fridge means it needs to be cleaned periodically.

With this, you might require some extra effort to maintain your fridge’s cleanliness in making it fresher. You can clean the glass surfaces, drawers, and shelves of your fridge with an excellent disinfectant to harbor all the odors and diseases away. Also, you can use a warm soap and water mixture to scrub out the residues that can cause foul odors.


Tip #4. Have it organized

It is recommended that everyone make their fridge organized to keep everything in place, making the unit look neat. A neatfridge has all the discernable sections separated from each other. For example, you should place eggs in a separate area.

Likewise, your new products like fruits and vegetables should be in a humid section of your fridge. You should arrange your yogurts, milk, drinks, and other goodies according to their expiry dates. The later expiry dates should be placed at the back, with the nearest expiry at the frontmost.


Tip #5. Get rid of spills

It is inherent for everyone that their fridge is prone to spills. However, it is not normal for someone to leave them for a long time not cleaning them.

It can cause odors and diseases that may be bad for your family’s health.

A good home buddy should clean all the spills immediately in their fridges. Through this, you can keep the refrigerator clean and fresh without the bothering sight of hideous spills inside your fridge. You can wipe them away using a soap-water mixture and let them dry afterward. It is nice to clean all the compartments that might contain the spills that produce the terrible stench.


Tip #6. Use natural odor combaters

Finally, having a fresher fridge must have a natural odor fighter inside it. You can use baking soda and ground coffee in fighting those stench that can create a bad image of your fridge. In my case, I use charcoal as the odor fighter in my fridge. You can also go for refrigerators that come with odor fighters and filters to give you comfort and safety inside your fridge.



Are you keeping your fridge safely? If it’s a yes, then that’s great! You now know, “How to keep fridge fresh?” You need to exert some effort in keeping your fridge nice and healthy with the steps that I shared with you.

A nice fridge can be done: setting the temperature right, using the humidity settings, cleaning it frequently, organizing it, getting rid of spills, and using natural odor combaters.

On the other hand, you might be interested to know how amps a central airconditioner draw. Feel free to read that one. Regardless, thank you very much for reading. I hope this info helped you and your friend get away from the odor and stench from your fridge and keep it fresh every time.

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