How To Keep Drinks Cold Without A Fridge? 3 Helpful Tips!

Drinks are delicious when paired with some good food and when enjoyed with friends on a trip, especially when it’s cold; so, how to keep drinks cold without a fridge?

As we all know, having a refrigerator is essential to own; with this, you can store several foods and liquid items that are not to be consumed in the meantime. It makes their life span longer by freezing the bacteria in some foods to avoid fast rotting. With this, you can place it for longer until your subsequent consumption.

how to keep drinks cold without a fridge

When you go on a trip, of course, you can’t forget to bring along the drinks. It is an essential beverage as it can boost your energy whenever you feel thirsty on trips. The only problem you’ll have to face when traveling is how you can store your cold drinks since there are no available fridges around the area you are in.

If that’s the problem you’re dealing with, then worry no more; let us help you solve that. Keep reading the article to know more about the discussion today and more in-depth information about our topic.


Keeping Your Beverages Cold Without The Help Of A Refrigerator

How to keep drinks cold without a fridge? It may be a hassle to bring drinks directly from your fridge and then bringing them to a place where electricity is unavailable anywhere. Thus you cannot keep your drinks cold.

Drinks are more enjoyable when cold; you can pair them with steaming hot food or a bag of chips to go on wi. Anywhere on the go, it is a must to bring one. Whenever you’re thirsty or a friend needs a drink, go and grab one to quench that thirst out. The only problem is how you can let your beverages stay cold.

Well, there are remedies to that, and some we’ve discovered how to deal with it; those are just simple methods to maintain the coldness of your drink. It isn’t that hard to deal with since with the innovation of technology that we have right now on our hands, several items for resolving that problem have been made.

Keeping a drink cold without a fridge may sound hard at first, but once you get used to dealing with it, I assure you, it’ll get easier time by time. Here we have some tips that you can consider that will help you keep your beverages cold and refreshing:


Tip #1. Chilling your drinks overnight in a refrigerator

As we all know, refrigerators play an essential role in making our drinks cold and retaining our food supplies’ shelf life for an extended period. With the help of it, you can maintain your beverage’s cool while on a trip before going to your final destination so that when you arrive at that place. It stays cold still.

Waste no time and chug it right away until it’s finished. To do this, prepare all the beverages you’ll be bringing with you for the next 24 or 48 hours beforehand. Then, put them inside the fridge and let them stay there. Only pull out the drinks when you need them already; in that way, it holds its cool in the meantime.


Tip #2. Using a cooler

Coolers are designed to specifically keep a hold of beverages and foods cold that can last for several days or even weeks without the help of a refrigerator. With insulation, it is typically made from foam, plastic, or any materials that insulate quickly, lines inside your cooler to slow down the heat.

There are many sizes, designs, shapes, and other factors to choose from for a cooler. However, the small or big one still accomplishes its primary purpose to serve you. Even with its insulation property, there’s a trick to keep your cold beverage cooler than just simply putting it inside of the cooler bag.

Putting some ice may help make your beverages cool last longer; adding salt to the ice can cause the freezing point lower so that your ice stays longer. In addition, it is frequently used by individuals on an outing and want storage to keep their beverages cool until they consume them all.


Tip #3. Putting your beverages in cool water

This remedy is ideal for people who often go to the beach whenever it is a cold-weather; it may sound weird, but before the days of the refrigerators. Then, people used to cool down their beverages with the help of cool water.

It works well for some who know to do it properly; it is just easy, though. Burying or putting your beverages in a net would do. Then, all you have to do is submerge it in water for several minutes, feeling if it is cold, it is ready.



These are just some of the tips that we can offer to help you keep your drinks cold even without the help of a fridge. Just a little recap; the ways you can do this are putting your beverages in cold water, using a cooler, and chilling your drinks overnight.

These are simple yet effective ways for people who are struggling in the same situation as yours. Nevertheless, that is how to keep drinks cold without a fridge. That is all you need to take note of. For more helpful articles similar to this one, click here.

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