How To Keep Curtains Together? 5 Best Ways!

Have you been searching for how to keep curtains together? Then, lucky you because we will answer that very question in this post.

When decorating your home, the most important thing to do is to balance out functionality and style.

how to keep curtains together

One great way to do that is through your window treatment.

We cannot deny the fact that curtains are among the most interesting home décor element.

Its main function is to regulate the temperature of the room by keeping out the heat from entering. It will also maintain the brightness that you want for the room.

Other than that, curtains also function for aesthetics. Hanging them is a powerful way of enhancing your interior décor.

However, what will you do if your curtains do not stay put?


5 Ways To Keep Curtains Together 

Try out the different methods below if you want your curtains to stay closed.

We will be explaining the benefits as well as the drawback of each method.

So, how to keep curtains together?


#1. Choosing the curtains

The very first thing that you need to consider is the type of curtains to install.

Lighter fabric can be easily blown by the wind. As such, it is better to opt for heavier or thicker curtains.

However, the problem with thick curtains is that they trap more heat making your room warmer.

So you may get curtains with heavier parts, just like those with thicker edges.

For example, it can help in adding weight to the curtain.

This can work great in keeping your curtains in place.


#2. Clips and clothespin

This is a simple way to solve your problem.

A lot of curtain fixtures are easily blown by the wind since they are separated.

They are not a single sheet but they are several sheets that are only connected on top onto a curtain rod.

This is why the breeze can easily blow them, resulting in a ripple effect. Once it already started, it will be hard to stop it.

But you can solve this problem by simply clipping different curtain sheets together.

Besides the simplicity of this solution, you will also benefit from the other benefits it can bring.

Firstly, this is the most affordable method in solving your problem.

You will no longer need to buy thicker curtains or resort to any other solutions provided in this post.

Clips of any form are readily available in most homes, making them the handiest items to keep your curtains together.

You can either use the large black clips used in holding a stack of paper together or your clothespins.

What’s even good with using clips is that they do not come loose that easily, especially the office clips they are bound to get loose longer than clothespins.

However, the problem with this solution is that they can leave an impression on your delicate curtains, especially when you pinch them too tight.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your curtains to be damaged.

Maybe this is why this option is not often used, even if this is the most affordable and easiest option on the list.


#3. Magnetic closures

In case you want a more elaborate or firmer solution, then you can try those magnetic blinds.

As per its name, the blinds will shut the curtains together magnetically.

Other than the benefit of keeping curtain sheets closed and holding them in place, it is also a great way of maintaining your privacy.

If your curtains are light and thin, they may not be able to provide you enough secrecy. But applying this method can be a good way to add protection.

In ensuring that this will work, you need to get a curtain rod that is designed in such a way that it can work well with the blinds.

To do this, you need to pull down your curtain rod to a point where you can easily do the job.

But you might as well remove your curtain panels entirely.


#4. Tying the sheets together

Another solution to your problem is to tie them together. For example, you can tie the curtains shut that keep on billowing open.

Look for a string that is thin but is strong enough to hold the two curtains together.

Then, sew together the ends of the opposing curtains.


#5. Adding weight through furniture

The last but definitely not the least option is to keep the curtain in place using a furniture piece.

This is the simplest way to solve your problem.

You can push a footstool or a door against the curtain, and your curtains will remain in place.

But just like any other solutions listed above, this too comes with several nuances.

Too heavy furniture pieces might crumple your curtains or leave some crease into them.

Of course, you wouldn’t want that so ensure to choose which furniture to use.


It’s A Wrap!

Just as there are many ways to incorporate curtains into your interior décor, there are also several ways to keep curtains together.

For as long as you choose the right method to use, you can surely keep your curtains closed.

This is how to keep curtains together!