How To Keep Curtains From Sliding On The Rod? 3 Best Ways!

Do you want to know how to keep curtains from sliding on the rod?

When you want to have a little bit of privacy in your daily life, you will need a curtain.

how to keep curtains from sliding on the rod

It brings you protection even when you least expect it to be.

Curtains can help you out in so many things, such as keeping you warm when it is cold and trapping too much sunlight.

But then you so know that when curtains are inserted into a rod, it sometimes goes very smooth, which is why it can slide more.

Do not worry because we will help you find answers to your question and help you figure it out.

You can stop curtains from sliding around if you know some techniques or things that might help you.

And that’s what we are going to check in a while. Stay with us and learn a lot!


Ways To Keep Curtains From Sliding On The Rod

If you want to know more about this one, you can finish this article and learn more about curtains.

It is bothering when your curtains constantly slide on your curtain rod. You should find a way to prevent one.

So, how to keep curtains from sliding on the rod?

We have here different options for you to choose.


Option #1. Buy a rod that has stoppers

When you are buying your rod, you have to consider many things, including having stoppers.

Some rods have stoppers on each side.

It can be twisted like a screw to open up and to be closed.

Just like that, you can find one in so many stores available nationwide.

I am sure that you have that one in your stores too.

It is easy to use because you will unscrew it when you want to change your curtains or put them in.

You can then screw it back after, and just like that, even when you twist it or drop the rod, the curtains will remain.


Option #2. Use rubber bands on the edges

This one is a trick you can use, and you can also save. If you are a thrifty person, then this is for you.

Have a rubber band as much as possible buy a clear one so that it will not ruin your harmony.

And it is also not to add any unnecessary color to the theme of your curtains and the whole room.

Using a transparent rubber band is better.

You will just put it along the edges by tying it like how you tie your hair.

Make sure that you put it in an area where it should stop moving, like the area of the rod before the hook.

In that way, it will not get out of the rod if ever you want to move it out of the hook on top.


Option #3. Use fabric tapes

Another thing that you can apply is to use fabric tapes along the rod and the curtains.

Fabric tapes hold strong enough. Maybe you can have hemming tape because it is firm.

It can work with any fabric that you’d want to use.

But then maybe you can also use one that can grip on the rod.

You can choose for your preference. All of these are just advice so that you have options.

Make sure that you will be able to think well so that you have nothing to regret.


Where can you buy curtains?

Buying curtains is a choice to make, but then you should also figure out where to buy a good one.

There are a lot of options to make upon buying your curtains. It can be physical or just through the internet.

You can buy in malls near you and then you can ask them specific details about the curtain you prefer.

And so you can quality check it and make sure that the color is the right one.

Buying online is a lot different.

Sometimes colors that you thought are light or dark may not arrive the same.

It can have any more variations.

You’ll get disappointed, although shopping online is reasonably practical and more efficient.

In this time of the pandemic, all you want is to make sure that you are safe and have a good life ahead.

But then your curtains are necessary so make sure that you purchase one in a very comfortable way.

You can always find ways to access shops that sell good quality products.

Reviews are provided together with the star ratings and comments.

You can make that as your reference.

Make sure that you consider all other things before purchasing. Better secure or regret later.



And we made it to the end of this article. We hope that you have learned a lot with us today.

Good thing we have answered, how to keep curtains from sliding on the rod, you now have an idea about it.

Never stop moving forward but make sure your curtain prevents from sliding on the rod.