The Expert Guide on How to Keep Cats Out of Bassinets

If you have a cat or even if you don’t; you’re probably aware of how much they love climbing into little spaces. One of the most common places cats like to explore is the bassinet, which can lead to some messy situations for both your baby and your cat. In this blog post, we’ll discuss How to Keep Cats Out of bassinets, so that everyone in the family gets more sleep!


cats out of bassinets

Steps on How to Keep cat Out of Bassinet

Step 1. Make sure to keep the bassinet door shut at all times, even if your cat is a “good” one and won’t try to get into it. It only takes once for disaster to strike!

Step 2. Keep any toys or other items that might interest your kitty out of reach as well, such as high shelves with books on them or particularly enticing looking boxes. You can also invest in some child safety locks just for this purpose. If you have a dresser that’s full of clothes near the baby’s bed, put something heavy on top of it so they can’t climb up there either.

Step 3. Your best bet? Block off access entirely by putting another crib around their bassinet using furniture pads underneath so they can’t get under it. You might have to do a little creative decorating but remember that your baby’s safety is worth any extra effort you need to make!

Step 4. Keep the bassinet away from windows, particularly ones with vertical blinds or even one of those “drape” style curtains where they could just reach out and pull on them.

Step 5. Do not leave your child alone for long periods of time in their bed as well; there are many stories about how babies suffocated when left sleeping because parents thought they were safe so don’t let yourself fall into this trap either!


How Effective are Ultrasonic cat Repellers?

There is no scientific data on how effective ultrasonic repellers are.

However, it has been suggested that they might work in the following way:

#1. Cats dislike sudden changes in their environment. The sound emitted from these devices is designed to be unpleasant for cats but not humans so as not to disturb your sleeping baby’s rest!

Because a mother will often return at night during her sleep cycle when the device is emitting its high-frequency noise and rattle around with her keys or purse making plenty of loud noises herself this would confuse them enough that she wouldn’t want to enter this area again until after everyone else had gone back into a deep sleep – usually well after you’ve returned home.

#2. This is how a cat might think: “Oh my, this area smells very strongly of something that’s making an irritating noise. I better stay away from here.” Once the device has been removed or its batteries have run out it only takes one instance where your baby wakes up in his bassinet and you come to comfort him for them to remember how much they love being around people again!

If you’re still having trouble getting your kitty back on track with their old behaviours we suggest trying Feliway which can be purchased at Petco. All of our experts agree this product will usually help cats get over any behavioural issues while also helping reduce stress levels when travelling or even moving into a new home.


What is the Best Bassinet?

There are many different types of bassinets to choose from and some that look very similar in style may have completely different features. One example is how one bassinet might come with mobile while another does not. You must do your research and find the best brand for the price point you need it at so that your baby will be safe as well as comfortable in their new sleeping area.


Where to Buy Bassinet?

If you have some time to do your research, it’s best to go into a store and look at how the bassinet is made. You should also make sure that it can be used from newborns up until they can crawl out on their own. This will ensure you get as much use out of them as possible so that they don’t need replacing in just a few months or less.


What Types of Bassinets?

There are many different styles but most people choose the either traditional type or modern options. The style you chose mainly comes down to personal preferences although there might be certain features which baby would enjoy more than others such as having musical mobile built-in versus not having any toys attached like traditional bassinets.


How Much Does a Good Quality Bassinet Cost?

Budget will be a major factor for most people. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on your bassinet it may or not have some features which would make life easier such as being able to fold away easily, having wheels attached so you can move it around without lifting and even how long the mattress is made from especially if there are older children in the family who might accidentally stand on baby’s bed while he/she is sleeping.

Make sure to purchase one that has mesh sides that allow airflow throughout but keeps bugs out of where your child sleeps. This will ensure they get plenty of fresh air when inside their crib but limit any potential issues with insects entering into the area at night time when all windows should be closed up.

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